Monday, February 8, 2016

SugarBeanScout is now open. :)

So... I have had a slight major addiction to bows since this girl was placed in my arms. 

Bless her heart... I think she had stellar neck control from the beginning because she always had one strapped to her head. ;)  

Not long ago my friend, Odessa, gifted Hylan a few handmade bows and I was in love! I mentioned her in this edition of Friday Favorites! (Go buy one! They are fabulous!)

Well, it got me to thinking how much I LOVE crafting and how this bow making thing is right up my ally... so I started to become a bit crazy with the hobby myself! I found it extremely relaxing, and an outlet of creativity that I usually only get once (now twice!) a year when I get to plan and craft for birthday parties (See here, here, here, and here). 

I decided to have a little more fun and branch out and make some bows to match outfits I am giving friends (because I have five friends due between March and April!).... just to see if I could do it... and enjoy it.
Well... I LOVED it. And at first became overwhelmed at the possibilities, but after finding what I like to make best, and how to manage my time when making them, decided to take the next step, and open an Etsy shop!

So, introducing....


You are probably wondering... where the name came from!
Well, this shop was inspired by Hylan, who I often call- "Sugar Bean", and Ryan calls "Scout." :) Obviously the shop name is a mash-up of those two worlds.

I love all things crafty, pretty, and girly, so starting this small shop to share this passion is just the beginning. I praise God for his goodness and ability to connect with others through this outlet!

This quote came to mind recently...
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.

This is really just a hobby I've come to enjoy that I would love to share with others! If nothing comes from it except that I have the ability to make bows or crafts for my friends... I'll continue to do it, because what momma doesn't enjoy some pretties for their babies!
(My sweet friend Allison's post last week... how I can't wait to meet Quinn!)

I can't wait to gift my other expecting momma's their bows (or bow ties ;) soon! You can check them out on Etsy at
(If you are a friend expecting soon... you will be getting a spoiler. ;)

I would absolutely LOVE it if you liked my page!

 Like me on Facebook- 
just look up SugarBean Scout!

or follow SUGARBEANSCOUT on Instagram!

I also MUST mention my other talented friend, Kate, and her mom that you may remember from a Friday Favorite post as well! The sweet profile shot that is my shops' profile picture is one I sent in and she created the image from it! (Yes, I know... my friends are AMAZING.) I promise these ornaments we gifted grandparents and the prints I have in my house are one of my most favorite things ever!

You can see them to the right of us in this unflattering photo here. ;)

(Find La La Land on Facebook and tell her I sent you! These prints are a treasure!)

Now... I shall leave you with a few of the things I've made lately, and that you can see even more of when you go check out 

Lavender love melts me!
It matches our fall/winter Matilda Jane perfectly, along with so many other outfits!

 My bow making wouldn't be complete if I didn't have something for my football fans!

 And our rivals. ;)
(But seriously... I LOVE this one... even if it is Alabama colors!)

Once I get my Instagram and Facebook accounts moving my hope is to add a new bow weekly and do custom orders upon request!

Here's to something new, fun, and pretty. ;)

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