Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr. Seuss 1st birthday bash

Since Burke and Dr. Seuss share March 2nd, it was an easy decision to theme Burke's first birthday around just that... Dr. Seuss... but with a little modern twist... and snow! Flurries fell until about an hour before his party. It was so pretty, but coooold! Friends and family near and far bundled up and arrived around 2:00, and celebrated this joyous occasion with us!

Of course when planning this party, I dove head first into Pinterest and Etsy. Which got me to thinking... I would pretty much go nuts if I was getting married in the era of these two websites. So many good ideas... which. one. to. choose?
Thank goodness this was only a birthday party I was planning, but with that said I wanted it to be extra special... Hello?! It IS his one and only 1st birthday party! I know he will not remember it, but I will remember how much time and love I put into planning it!

So thanks to Pinterest, a few good ideas of my own, but mostly if it was not for my mom coming over a day early to help out, and both her and Shireen making some of the food and lending some decorations, it wouldn't have been possible for Burke's birthday to be picture perfect! (Not video perfect though. :( This has been my biggest brain lapse to date. :/ I even charged the camera the night before! I am still livid at myself.) But, a BIG thanks to my Aunt Sharon for getting one of the highlights of Burke's cake smash on her camera phone though!)

Here's the run down.

Ham Slider Sandwiches 
(Ham and Cheese on Crescents) 
Oodles of Noodles 
(Asian Ramon Noodle Slaw)

Green and Eggs and Oreos
(My favorite themed food!... they turned out so cute!)

Top Hat Skewers
(Marshmallows and Strawberries on a stick)

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish
(Multicolored goldfish and Swedish fish)

Hop on Popcorn
(Caramel Corn)

Seuss Juice
(Blue Hawaiian Punch and Pineapple Juice)
... and yes, it bothers me that the straws are all pointing different ways in this picture. I promise it was fixed after taking this photo. :) OCD?... maybe.

The Birthday Boy's Table... complete with Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes, and the book, Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss. The little red sign asked for guests to write a Happy Birthday message to the birthday boy! I know we will treasure these messages forever!
There was also a 16 x 20 of my favorite shot of my little man at his birthday photo shoot! If you are looking for an AWESOME photographer, Amy Lauda is your lady. I have used her twice, and she takes nothing short of amazing pics, at an affordable price, and is SUCH a sweet person to work with! 

Burke's highchair... "I Am One"- one of my handmade craft projects... cake stand (Homegoods), cake (Kroger bakery... I was pretty impressed!) Birthday Boy sippy cup and birthday hat (that he is not a fan of :)) (Etsy)

The pendant banner (handmade).

Burke's monthly "tie" shots hung across the mantle. :) 
It was so fun to look at them all strung up together. You can really see the months that he changed into the cute little boy he is now!

Our gift to Burke: A cherry oak tree. We are going to plant it at the farm as soon as we get a free weekend! It will be fun to go back and see how tall it has grown every year with Burke!

I really loved this wreath! I found a simple tutorial on Pinterest to make it out of paper straws! Another benefit.. there were enough left to use for our guests to sip out Seuss Juice at the party. :)

THE FAVOR!: This picture does them NO justice, they were SO pretty in person. My mom made them! They were brownie pops dipped in blue white chocolate with clear sprinkles. 

Annnddd... the ONE YEAR OLD!

He wasn't a huge fan of the cake, but did get into it a little bit, and put a little on Ryan while he was at it. :)

"Ok mom, get me in the tub asap."

After cake, and a good washing in the tub, it was time for presents. 
Here, he is modeling lego's while being supported by his new slide. :)

Around 4:45 we left for a birthday dinner at Maggiano's to celebrate the multiple other birthdays and anniversaries around this time of year!
So yummy!

However, Burke was tuckered out, :)

but was a sport and slept all the way to the lake to surprise Aunt Danielle on Sunday for her 30th birthday!

Whew! It was a busy weekend, but so much fun!

What will I do now with all the time I once spent planning and crafting for this party?
Maybe get some sleep!


  1. Oh my god! The baby is adorable. This party looks so happening. I loved the arrangements and the food kept on the table is making my mouth watery. I am also looking for an event venue for my twin babies, they will be turning 2 this month. I am sure arranging such parties can be difficult sometimes but it’s definitely worth it.

    1. So worth it! Your comment made me come back and read this special time... one of the many reasons I love blogging and party planning! Make me realize I need to get back to updating more often!

      Happy birthday to your twins! (Wow... how do you do it?!)