Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burke got his ears lowered!

While visiting our home town to see our families and get our taxes filed, we decided it was time for Burke to have more than a little trim... the poor child was in dire need of a REAL haircut.

What is even more special, is that Kelly, the same barber my ALL members of the Coleman and Bartlett men use, and the ONLY person that Ryan Coleman would EVER let cut his hair growing up, got to give Burke his first real haircut too!

He wasn't very enthusiastic about the whole ordeal, but he did great! As in... he held still.

Here is Burke being bossy. "Another puff please."
Snacks make everything a little bit easier to tolerate.

Annnd, the finished product:
What a cute little man! 

"Dad, please tell mom to stop with the camera."

I was a bit nervous to actually go through with this, but now I am so glad we did! He looks precious with his new look, and I don't have to clean food out of his hair after every meal! :)

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