Tuesday, June 13, 2017

THIS is summer.

We have been busy... but in a great way!

Since school, we've been to the beach, the lake, kids have spent time with their grandparents while I had mini camp with the AU majorettes, and then Ryan and I took a little trip to Atlantic City the next week. We've been crafting, playing "school," relaxing at the lake, playdates with friends... and just enjoying the late bedtimes around here!

This little video was on our way to drop the kids off at Ree and PaPa's while Ryan and I took our little vaca to New Jersey. :)
They were in rare form when we dropped them off. :)
You wouldn't know it from the video, but sister was sick with a cold and slight fever. I felt so bad leaving her, and hated to put Ree in that position. However, lots of cuddles and Motrin did the trick and she was almost well when we returned home.



Atlantic City... was COLD.
This is as much beach as we touched.

We didn't really pack for 57 degree weather, but made the most of it.

The boardwalk was really cool, and we could totally see how the beach life could be super sweet if it was 80 outside. :) 

We each lost our 20$ allowance and enjoyed venturing in the casinos instead. We aren't the gamblers I suppose.

It was so neat to see the auditorium where Miss America is aired!


We found an indoor pier (sort of) that was our saving grace. Lots of reading, eating (all that spring workout results were dead to me.)

Meanwhile, back at the lake... a lot of this was going on. (However, these pics were taken the weekend prior, but I'm sure the scene was very similar. :)

When we arrived back home, we dressed our kids (like we had been to the Jersey Shore) and celebrated Ryan's b-day!

Sister makes us laugh constantly. lol

When they were at Nanna and PawPaw's, they each won a few trophies at their church annual fishing tournament. :)
Smallest fish award. :)

Most fish caught award!

While I was in AU with these fabulous ladies...

So excited to see Sylacauga represented on the line!

Aren't they gorgeous?!
and oh so talented.

Brooklyn, not pictured, was at Ms. Alabama when this picture was taken.
She ended up making top 5! I can totally see why after meeting her, amazing young lady.

I'm so grateful to be working with some of the most talented girls with the Auburn University Marching Band. It is such a blessing to do something that I love in the best place on earth. 
I can't wait for everyone to see this line on the field!

Not to mention, that getting to know and work with these ladies has been nothing short of amazing.
Organized, hard working, goal attaining... it's going to be awesome.

And here are some "Us lately" photos...
Playing "school"
Sister loves the first letter of her name. :)

Burke, on the other hand, doesn't LOVE practicing anything. lol
I have to bring out a reason for him to learn.... i.e. he is dying for his own library card. So I told him he has to be able to write his whole name without any help (no calling out letters, etc.). Funny how something so small can get one motivated. :)

What he does love are "science experiments."

I found a Pin on Pinterest that basically gives an idea for every letter of the alphabet. This day was C for "cloud," and he was totally into it. It was quite cool! He has a part of his summer notebook sectioned off for Science drawings when we do them. 

When we are not inside, we are outside with friends!

 Shooting bubble bad guys.

Celebrating Sam at his 5th b-day party.

Knocking things off our summer bucket list...
like Build-a-Bear.
(to which we will never return because I left a stuffed animal store $100 poorer.)

They did have an amazing time though. :)
See adorable pics....

And sister was measured for her first ballet shoes!
They are the smallest pair they have and are PRECIOUS!

She was BEYOND excited and could hardly contain herself. 
We have one stipulation... 

MUST BE POTTY TRAINED before ballet "camp."

Let's just say, life isn't quite as fun at home currently.... hopefully it won't take her long!
I've already been given some potty tips that I didn't attempt on Burke that are helping tremendously. Will share soon!

Wish us luck (and sanity!)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The end of Pre-school and MMO

We now have a Kindergartener!

My, how time does fly. He has lost so much of that baby face.

and has gotten a lot goofier. 

I brought sister to MMO so we could focus solely on Burkeman this morning... she was happy to play with her friends on this rainy morning.

They had the sweetest little program.

Burke walked in VERY serious, but I was able to capture the cute little smirk as he walked by. :)

My sweet boy!

Candace and I attempted to get some photos of these two best of friends... and it went perfectly. lol

The next day, they had water day (and it was short lived because of the cooler weather and rain), and their little class party.

Sister joined in this time. :)

He had a great school year, and loved both his teachers so much!

He will be staying at our church preschool one more year. It was a hard decision, but in weighing the options and our family's needs for the next year, it makes the most sense. I know his K-5 teacher is already AMAZING, and the benefits of 1/2 day Kindergarten are numerous in our opinion! I am so looking forward to making those afternoon hours with my big-boy extra special. 

The next day was Hylan Marie's last day of MMO!

I could eat her with a spoon. 

Burke's last day was the day before, so we dropped HM off and ran a few errands before heading back to her party.

First off... filling up Libby. :)
Never to soon to raise a gentleman.

He was actually thrilled to pump the gas! (with assistance of course.)

Then we were second in line at Mr. Dustin's, which is rare now-a-days... as we always are peeking in to see a long line before us. :) We jumped on the chance to get our ears lowered this morning!


Then we headed to sister's party! Where the jumpy house was hoppin' and the snow cones overfloweth. lol


and sister had her share of sugar.

But mostly had a ball on Thomas.

Burke proclaimed that her party was more fun than his. hahaha... 
It was well done. :)

I'm so thankful for this sweet program, and the sweetest teachers that love her like she was their own.

We sure love where we live!