Sunday, May 21, 2017

So much to recap... but first,

I must stop in the whirlwind of this fast paced life to LOOK at my five and two year old for just a minute... because man, is this age so much fun.

So here are THREE THINGS.


1) This child LOVES the show Survivor (hence the seaweed immunity necklace :) and a show called Ninja-go. The later is my least favorite thing ever. lol He's officially karate chopping everything and everyone in sight, which causes a lot of brother sister chaos. hahaha

2) I can see an interest in reading arising! He wants to often know how to spell, write and identify sounds of words he sees. I think he is starting to realize the power of words and how much you can do once you unlock this knowledge. We are going to make it a priority to have quiet "reading" time everyday this summer (ME TOO!), and hopefully less Ninja-go. lol He is oh so ready for Kindergarten next year!

3) Despite the fact that he is a bit of a wild man, he surprises us quite often with how thoughtful he is of his sister. Getting her a juice after his baseball games if there is an extra, holding the door for her, etc... they may fuss, but ultimately he is SUCH a protector of all things Hylan Marie. :) An amazing big brother for sure. 


1) This girl's vocabulary and speech have taken off. Forget full sentences...she can basically tell you stories now. hahaha (Like the time she went to the ER after the fall on our playground (that one is told daily), or stories about "the waves get me" from our recent beach trip) She is a talker! She tends to really get going at bed time. Most of the time I have to get daddy to intervene. He has a special way of getting the kids to bed without them following him out of the room or waking up during the night. It's great, and everyone sleeps better! On occasion one or both will wake at night and come crawling into bed for some cuddles. I welcome it with open arms. :)

2) We have enjoyed our one-on-one time while Burke is away at school. I often have lots of errands and choirs to do that come along with the stay-at-home mom gig, but we always make sure to carve out time to play with "doll-dolls", read (fav. right now is the Pat-a-Cake Curious George book), or have a friend over to play.

3) Her sassiness is off the chart. She will use those eyes like no other! Age two is quite hilarious. In my opinion, it starts hard, and has spurts of seriously exhausting moments, but she is definitely turning a corner, where she is learning right from wrong (SLOWLY lol) and it's becoming SO.MUCH.FUN. 
Her "I fawee (sorry) mommy." melts me, and her sweet and polite "tat you." (thank you's) are priceless. I intend to take lots more video because I will always want to remember this sweet age!

Recaps of Mother's Day, Beach, Lake, and everyday life to come!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's a GIRL!

So...this past weekend had been anticipated for.... well, since we found out my brother and Magan were expecting! FINALLY Sunday came and we were going to find out the gender of this sweet new family member!
That morning we headed to church, where Burke would help me set up for Sunday school.

I mean... this boy is growing so fast! 

And as we were leaving I tried to grab a few Sunday pictures, but.... #momfail.

We headed to Cullman, but not before a killer interview with my favorites. 
I mean... I wish the whole four minute video would load, but alas... you only get the first minute.
It's pretty funny too. :)

We ate lunch in the car and arrived right on time.

They had the cutest set up!

My sweet grandma!

And the most unique reveal idea!

They had these huge boards covered in chalk... and even a decoy that everyone thought meant "boy!"
Everyone threw water balloons at the chalkboards to uncover the words. On the board was one that stood out among the rest...

I'm getting a niece!

More pink and bows than the Bartlett's have seen in ages. :)

I do believe my brother is going to be wrapped around that tiny finger... because have you seen him with HM???

Now the countdown to September!
Can't wait to hold my sweet NIECE!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Photo Every Hour

Ok, so I decided to document yesterday with a photo every hour. 
Was I successful?
Most of the time I remembered to take a picture after I had gotten in the car to go to the next destination or once things were "calm"... so this post is quite deceiving. :)
Also... I managed to pick a yucky rainy day to do this, so... no pretty photos here! 

I'll try again soon.

Meanwhile, this will do... because real life happens on rainy days too.

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(note... it was not 5 am when I took this picture... more like 5:30.)
Fixing my crews beverages for the morning, making Burke's snack for the day (you know... the one that I would end up forgetting to put in his backpack)... and diffused lemon and lavender to get us moving! 
I'm loving my diffuser water bottle that my mom got me last year! THIS ONE  is similar! Gives water an extra lift when it is fruit infused! This morning, I just added strawberries!

Quiet time: My friend, Laura let me borrow a new devotional called Treasuring Christ when your Hands are Full. I am loving it and the encouragement it gives this momma!

Everyone is up! Sister is potty training (kind-of)... basically we are trying to get back a positive relationship with the potty. lol
She had decided that she would "NOT" sit down on the potty ever. again. till she's 40.

Then a friend told me about The Potty Watch.
Get one if you have a little one potty training! 
It's helping a lot, and has positively encouraged her to try potty training again. As soon as school is out, we are going all in.

Dropping my sweet boy at school, before heading to barre'. (Where I would start forgetting to take pictures...)
He's so independent!

9am... or more like 9:30
Cleaning begins!
Thursday I do the floors because for 2 hours no one is here to step on them! :) I Dyson (AMAZING vacuum!) and then mop or swifter... depending on the business of the day. Today was busy, so I opted for the easier of the two.
Speaking of cleaning...
Does anyone else have a cleaning schedule??
I started a very small one awhile back, and am kind of addicted to how much better the house feels now that I'm on top of everything. YES, my house gets dirty... (I HAVE KIDS and we LIVE in our house), however I find that it never gets out of control, like it once did. 

I was still cleaning and took no pictures. #glamourous

Checked a few to-do's off the list... like putting photos in albums, responding to email, texts, etc.

Picked up this one!

She was happy to see me. :)

We went across the hall and danced in the mirrors for a few. :)

Then we had friends over for a quick lunch and playtime!
(I took no pictures! :/)

Napping like a champ.

While sister naps, B and I get our dessert on.
5 year old dessert vs. momma dessert... I think he learned that Airheads aren't the best ice cream topping.

This was found while going through folders and work... 
I mean. SO funny!

I took something away from it after reading.

1) I am so proud she thinks I cook tea the best. :)
2) Maybe we walk too much. lol
3) Sister loves her momma. #lovemygirl

Everyone in the car, with snacks, and soaking wet headed to auxiliary basics and conditioning practice.

We were drenched by the time we got to the gym... so this happened. hahaha

These girls practiced and worked hard!

Still at school... 

Getting home 1.5 hours past the time your thought you would be there (with kids in tow) called for Pizza Friday to be moved to Pizza Thursday. #mommaaintcookin'

Kids bathed and eating in front of the T.V. 
(Don't judge... I was pooped.)

Down time... 

where we learned that all Coleman's have a special talent. hahaha

That's my first shot at a photo an hour friends!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Recipe Wednesday

Ok, so I promised I would do better in the cooking department this week. 

When deciding on our weekly menu I realized I was so tired of the same ole stuff I have had on rotation for awhile, and decided to look to two blogs (that don't disappoint) for some guidance.
Monday was lettuce wraps from Momfessionals. I altered the recipe a bit, so I'll share it later. It was so good, and healthy!
And Tuesday, I knew I needed a more than quick and easy... I needed to be able to buy the groceries and someone else cook it for me. (HELLO, CROCKPOT!)
So when I came across a recipe for Red Beans and Rice in the Crockpot, I had to give it a go!
And OH.MY.GOODNESS.... it's so much better than the stovetop version! It's so much more flavorful!
So here is the exact recipe from Mix and Match Momma! She has really good pictures and directions, but seriously, it's SO easy... and trust me on the pictures... they don't do it justice!

(I had three servings ^^^)

Shopping List
1 pound of sausage (I used turkey but you can use pork), sliced into round pieces or chopped
2 (15 oz) cans of red kidney beans, drained
1 (14 oz) can of diced tomatoes
1 onion, chopped
Hot pepper sauce to taste (you can add more after it’s done cooking…start small and build up)
Salt, Pepper and Red Pepper flake to taste (again, add a little bit at a time)
Two cups of cooked rice, I used brown rice
Place the first 4 ingredients in your slow cooker.  Add in a few dashes of hot pepper sauce and a pinch of your spices (you can always add more at the end if you need more flavor).  Cover and cook on low 6 to 8 hours or on high 3 to 4 hours.
When you’re ready to serve, remove the lid and ladle your mixture on top of your cooked rice.
I left the hot sauce and spices out and it was perfect as is!

Wednesday, Burke is fed at church, so we just nibble here at home. Thursday is leftovers, and Friday is pizza/gamenight!

And because my trunk show is now in full swing... THESE pictures from today while I was setting up!
The girls both gravitated to the pink tulle. I don't blame them! :) They are currently in our shopping cart online.

And MG just looked stunning in this maxi!

We didn't get the trunk set up until late tonight... can we just say it was a crazy busy day with auxiliary practice after school and then baseball till 9pm.... with LOTS of other obligations in between!

I can't wait to play more dress up tomorrow!

If you are interested in purchasing, use this link: , login in/sign up if you are a first time user, and choose me as your Jane! If you are local, the trunk is available to you at any time until Sunday! Just text or message me!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Recap + Matilda Jane Monday!!!

Did this weekend FLY by, or was it just me???

Friday (starts our weekend), and it was full of fun!

We started by loading Burke down with goodies to shower his sweet teacher with. They recently adopted a precious baby boy! God is so good!

The kids had a few fun surprises.

Inside the book, each child drew a picture of their new family of four, and answered some "baby questions"... like, "How do you change a diaper?" etc... as you can imagine, the answers were fantastic. :)

We also did this little project for the baby.

After drop off and our morning walk, sister and I did some errands (replacing my screen protector on my phone... and this is what she did while we waited :) 

and then got our pedi on. 
I let her pick the color out, and she fell for "Look at My Bow" from the Hello Kitty OPI line. 

She kept looking back while she was in the chair and saying "Butterfly!" with the biggest smile on her face! It was priceless! 

I put it on my toes too, and she loved that we were toe twinkes. :)

It was her first time in the "chair" and boy did she eat it up. She wanted her nails done too! How could I say no? However, Sunday night I took it off her finger nails because I saw her bite some polish off her nail! So obviously we will stick to just toes in the future. 

We closed out the day on the baseball field and brought our 5th Coleman along. ;) 

I'll take this one anyway of the week!

Dirt is good for them, right? MG said she would definitely leave a ring around the tub that night. hahaha

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to have a little neighborhood yard sale with the Segars and Jordans. :)

We had the best time!
 It was a gorgeous morning of chatting and watching the kids play and sell lemonade. :) We made some fun money for the upcoming beach trip too!

It needs to be an annual thing because, WOW our basement looks so much better now that all those unused items are gone! (Yard selling tip... ask if one of your local churches would like what doesn't sell. We only sold from 8-1... because NAP TIME!, and definitely had some good things left. However, we didn't want to keep them, so donate we did!) Now, don't get me wrong... I don't want to be giving those in need our "junk." Lots of good clothing and toys were donated, so it felt good, and like a win for everyone involved.  

That night was pretty low key... with games and cuddle time! Recouping from the morning for sure!

Sunday, we went to church, and later that afternoon, got a babysitter so Ryan and I could see our own Sylacauga Playhouse Production of the Miracle Worker. We knew a lot of people in the show, and didn't want to miss it, one being our pastor! It was beyond great. We are constantly amazed at the talent in this community!

Last, but not least, we had an evening drive to the farm. We returned a trailer and checked out the crop that was just planted. 

That was our weekend in a nutshell!

And today, Monday, is the new May release for Matilda Jane, and I'm hosting a show!
As soon as I saw the first sneak peek, I knew I had to be a Jane! 


Mommy matches!

Matilda Jane was an unexpected interest for me when I had a little girl... honestly I always LOVED smocked errrrthing. :)
But something is to be said for comfy, fun, cute and lasting clothing! I don't know what is so magical about their fabrics, but they wash INCREDIBLY well (like... to brand new), most items we wear 2+ years... or longer if you buy up a size or two (wear as a dress now and later as a top!), the resale value is amazing, and their motto "keep a girl, a little girl" is my fav. (Hello, tween line?! I will say yes to these tween clothes more than I ever will what is found in most department stores.... insert big eyed emoji.)

The promos are super fun! (I need this for the beach trips coming soon!!)

If you don't have a trunk keeper, use mine! Codie Davis. 
She is amazing!

And if you want to order, and don't have a show to support, I would love your help! 
All you do is register, and then enter my name, "Jessica Coleman," as a Jane upon checkout! If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask me for help!

And if you are having a show soon, let me know! I love to support my friends when I am shopping too.

The actual trunk will be at our house from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday! Please come play dress up with us if you are in the market for something cute from this precious line!

Have a wonderful week!