Saturday, July 7, 2018

Kindergarten Graduate!

I am finally getting around to my sweet boy's Kindergarten graduation!

Waaaay back in May, this little boy graduated Kindergarten! 

His teachers had the sweetest program and graduation ceremony in store for us!

Before the graduation ceremony...

Then the graduates entered!

They had some of the cutest songs...

including one from our little guy!

Y'all... I had NO idea. 

He had told me that he had a part and that it was a surprise... but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have guessed this one in a million years. hahaha
He was so into it and not shy one bit!
It's like those sun glasses and guitar gave him super powers. HA!

Then they went out of sight and reappeared in their cap and gowns. 

I mean... cuteness overload.

Accepted their diplomas (and you could tell they practiced. lol Look at that form and pause for pictures. haha)

They sang 

and threw their little caps, 

and then it was on to picture overload and refreshments!

Mrs. Meade was the sweetest K teacher! She retired with this group and I'm so thankful B had her! 

And best buds!

Funny story... HM sought out her friend that she "hung out with" at the last function we had for Burke's class. haha! They had never met each other before the fairytale ball, but instantly became fast friends! I believe she is in K-4!
So sweet!

These kids will eventually be the class of 2030!

We took the stage and HM took the mic. 

We will miss Mrs. Brandy too!

Burke adored her. Another GREAT teacher with the best heart for children!

We collected the last of Burke's things from his classroom. 

(End of the year school supplies are so sad!)

(Gotta love perfect attendance -13 days. lol)

And headed to CFA with friends and family!

Paw Paw and Nana even got to hang out for a little Wii gaming. ha! 
My dad on this thing was priceless!

We now have a first grader and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. 2030 can take it's good ole time getting here if you ask me. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Forget weekend recap... more like WEEK recap

Blogging falls way down on the list when it comes to priorities in the summer! I am trying to keep up, but fall short every time. So here is a little of what went on last week!

Sister is still loving gymnastics. I caught this little grin of excitement before we went in. 
It's pretty telling. :)

I've been fitting in a little exercise and fun summer activities whenever possible.

Scavenger hunts are a favorite around here. 
We have new next door neighbors and are so excited!
They have three sweet kiddos and have been over to play already!

Burke added his own card to the mix. 
The letters stand for our names, and the hearts for how many people in our new neighbor's family.

Love his heart!

We VBSed all week, and learned Jesus rescues in times of trouble!

I was supposed to work games, but sister needed me more. :)
Ryan was able to get home in time to help man that arena instead. 

On Thursday, we held our Auxiliary Camp for high school students. So waking these kids up bright and early to head to Auburn it was!

Cheer camp was going on too... which means mascot practice... which means a opportunity to take pictures with random human sized animals.

They also got perks... like hanging with the girls.
Sister loved every minute of the attention. :)

Meanwhile, Millie, one of the drum majors took Burke under her wing and helped him build his newest Lego set....which literally took 4+ hours to accomplish. lol

She was so patient. He asked me if she could come back to Sylacauga with us. hahaha

The camp went extremely well, and times spent with these ladies is always a good time!

I was so very proud of our AU majorettes for the time that they gave to make this camp a success!
The campers were troupers for learning so much in just three days! I was amazed at the talent and future of baton!

When I returned home, I could tell Daddy was in charge by the attire HM had on. haha She was loving every second. 

 We spent the rest of Saturday playing, recouping, and playing catch up on life. 

Sunday, was church! The kids got to sing at all three services. It was special each and every time.

We've also been to the library (why yes... that lady is holding an alligator... it was a reptile show!)

Made homemade cookies and more that maybe... just maybe, I'll get to later. :) (Doubt it. haha)

Happy Monday!