Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- Burke's 2nd birthday party

Yes, we have been celebrating all month. :) We decided to move his party to later in March due to the renovation.... and boy did we cut it close. I'm talking... real close. 

This is what our house looked like on Friday morning. The party was Saturday at 11. Yeah.

Believe it or not, I wasn't in a panic. It all came together! With the help from a lot of people, of course! 
I took the outside pictures when I was cleaning up... so imagine it with balloons. :)

The entry.

My first chalkboard attempt!

Birthday banners! The photo banner of him from one to two was supposed to be on the mantle, but you'll see what that had to change later... 

I absolutely LOVE having a reason to craft. I may get a little anxious when it actually comes down to the day of the party, but let me say it again... I love crafting. In no way is it a burden... I love putting time into something that I think shows Burke's loves and personality. I have probably been working on the crafts for this party since Christmas, but when it finally got here I still felt pushed for time (this may or may not have something to do with trying to renovate)! Thank goodness for grandparents who don't mind helping out when your in a time crunch!

The menu:

PB&J planes, cars, and boats

Turkey and cheese trains

The veggie train (Shireen provided and cut up all these!) plus ranch dip and hummus!

Mom made these cute "traffic lights"... chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with M&M's for the lights! 

Muddy tires (doughnuts)

Fruity cars (apple slices with grapes as wheels) plus some caramel dip!

The only thing that I had made was the cake. So glad I did... it was so cute!
and tasty!

 The party favor. It was a simple Hershey bar wrapped in black butcher paper. I used chalk for the road lines, hot glued a hot wheels car that we already had onto the bar, and had a Thank You message on the back. The vintage suitcases were in Gege's closet!

 I love a cute straw.

Dad writing in Burke's birthday book. I forgot to take a picture of that table. :/

I had planned on setting up tables in this living room, but guess what. Plans change.
Especially when your hardwoods look like this. I spent most of Friday trying everything to get it up, but this was as good as it was going to get, so....

Let's just say...the rubber from the carpet that was over them left a mark. We will be getting these refinished soon. 

So let's put a stop sign on it, and move the party outside!

Thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was probably the best game changer of the party. Who doesn't want to soak up 74 degree weather?

What made it even more perfect was that kids had a blast! They would run from the bounce house to the motorized vehicles on the cement. Man, it's great having a backyard!
It was hilarious to watch Burke try to keep up with these two.

But they were so good and patient with him! 

Burke had a great time, and loves icing with his ice cream! Sugar high? YEP.

Next year, this little man will be in the madness... I'm just sure of it!

The kiddos even did a little art of their own.

Burke decided he would paint himself. He looked like he had completed a color run!

He loved people singing the birthday song to him and he even blew out his own candles! Growing up I tell you.
Presents were opened in the new playroom.

and he wanted to take everything out of it's package and take a close look at it. 

Burke's shirt came from Etsy! I love it!

He was spoiled rotten.

Friends and family make life so much better. We are so blessed to have wonderful examples for Burke to look up to!

All that time and effort that was put into making his birthday happen at Gege's was worth it! (and served the dual purpose of getting it ready for us!) Mission accomplished!
Happy Birthday to my favorite little man! What a wonderful two years it's been!


  1. Love this! So cute:) where did u get the big Thomas the train for the veggie train? I'm having a hard time finding one?

  2. Thanks Kelley!
    The big Thomas is actually a flashlight! (You squeeze the handle and it lights up.) I've seen it sold in places like Toys R Us... or I bet Amazon will have it!