Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The no-picture-post

It's been a whirl wind of a weekend... yes, I know it's Wednesday, but we are JUST getting back into town. It was filled with highs (my friend Lindsey had baby #2 around lunch on Friday!), and lows (Ryan's family lost a sweet heart of a man around the same time on Friday. Wade was a wonderful man. If you could lift up his family in prayer I know they will appreciate it.) We attended services yesterday with family and friends, and you could tell that he was loved and will be greatly missed.
We know that God gives and takes away, but the later is so so hard to handle. It is only by faith in HIM that we can be comforted and look forward to our future. We have no idea what our future holds, but we can be certain that it will be filled with love, happiness, and awe of our Savior once we pass from this world. It doesn't get any better than that.

After an emotion-filled day, Friday night we met Ree and PaPa on our way to GeGe's so Burke could spend Friday night with them while we kicked it into high gear with the painting. Thank goodness for wonderful grandparents!

We taped off everything Friday night and washed down walls to prepare for the next day. Saturday we painted the remaining portions of the living room that were to be white (piece behind mantle and opposite wall), the entry way, the hallway, Burke's first coat of chalkboard paint (only on one wall), and ... the playroom. 

Ah ...The playroom. I thought it was going to be the death of us.

We decided a while back to paint the paneling. We Ryan (he will want full credit for that one... it was a beast) used an oil based primer last weekend because I couldn't handle the smell. Thanks young house love for sharing your horror story and sparing the rest of us the agony of making the same mistake! So it was ready for paint this weekend...but it took forever.

The reason is the paneling... it has SO many grooves that you have to use a paint brush for most of it. We Ryan eventually came up with a method for this madness that sped the process up, but all-in-all it probably took over half the day to do the whole thing (one coat of primer, and two coats of latex- Behr- White Linen). We even painted the fireplace (which we used the leftover paint from the living room walls)! I would show you pics, but we worked non-stop and had no time for pictures. 

We also had a contractor come out to measure for flooring, and we picked out the carpet and flooring for the dining and kitchen in 20 min. Time crunch much?

Crossing my fingers that it will be in sometime next week. Or it will be a "party on the green linoleum" for Burke's birthday as the contractor put it. :) (I hardly laughed.)

Oh... and did I mention our two year old woke up at 2:30am puking this morning? (Aren't you glad this is a no picture post?) And again at 5:00am... and again at 8:00am? Yeah... it wasn't pretty. However, I definitely think it was something he ate, because after some crackers and juice, he was back to his normal self and hasn't been sick since.
Thank goodness... no time for a stomach virus here! (P.s> if you have any idea how to get a child to throw up in a bowl/toilet, etc... please share. He only wants to hug me and let-her-rip-tator-chip. I do not turn away hugs... but would really like for them to come AFTER the devil has been release from his stomach.)

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