Tuesday, March 4, 2014

cupcakes, primer, and paint... Oh My!

Burke had a great birthday! He got to spend Friday and Saturday with Nana at the lake and then helped us renovate on Sunday.
Actually... he made for a good reason to have breaks, filled with chocolate cupcakes and ice cream. :)

We had beautiful weather this weekend. We even got his sandbox out and filled it with water. He played for a good hour with the hose and water toys... and to think it's 40 degrees outside now!

Despite all the fun, we did get a lot finished this weekend! I have a couple of pictures, but the fresh walls are scarred by "the mesh (mess)" as Burke would say. Ryan's dad took A LOT out of the house last week, but the kitchen cabinets are still covered and piled high with materials we are using. The dining room floor is holding our paint cans and supplies. The living room has the remaining boxes needing to be taken elsewhere and drywall debris is everywhere... but... I'm here to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly, my friends.

Kitchen- River's Edge (Behr) *Sorry for the terrible lighting.

Dining Room Color- Grey Huskie (Benjamin Moore)

Living Room... oh the living room...
Funny story- Last week I asked for people to share their favorite beige/gray paint color. Well, I got some great recommendations, and scoured every last one of those paint cards down! So after my hard work, and my stressing about which one would be just perfect, I asked Ryan's opinion. And in two seconds he decides his favorite is Reticence by Sherwin Williams? One that was not on "the list!" Arg.
However, it was pretty on paper... I eventually stopped analyzing the fact that he decided in less than two seconds while I had contemplated on this for days... and just went with it.

I knew we were in trouble in two swipes of the paint roller.

It was pink.

Mauve... or something that scared me to death. I'll take a picture of the color this weekend for you... it was indeed terrible.

Ryan saw it too, and we quickly drove to the nearest SW, which thankfully was only a mile away from Gege's, to get some serious help. The man was so nice and said he could add to the paint to give us a different color (the new pick was called Windsor Greige). (Whew... otherwise that would have been a waste of a lot of money on paint!) But... you can get 10$ off at Sherwin William's Website, and 15$ at Pottery Barn's site! And they gave me an extra 25% off at checkout!) At this point I was so frantic and disorganized that I completely forgot that I could have looked at the Facebook post with all those good recommendations. Instead we did it again. Just reached for a color that stood out at us that we thought would be perfection. Sigh...

We got back and put it on the wall. I didn't like it. It looked yellow to me.

I gave up for the day, and Burke and I headed to the lake for some sleep, while Ryan stayed to prime the playroom. We decided to deal with the problem tomorrow (and cross our fingers that our SW paint mixer would be able to do his color changing magic... and not think we were idiots.)

However, when Burke and I returned the next morning, we saw two things...Ryan had painted an entire wall with it.... and I liked it!

We also saw that Ryan had accidentally touched the roller to his head with it filled with oil-based primer. NOT COMING OUT primer. So on our way home I googled "how to get oil based primer out of hair," what I read had me crying with laughter. I'm not sure if it was the state of exhaustion I was in, or the fact that it wasn't my hair I was concerned about, but I was dying.
If you want a good laugh... go here: http://ask.metafilter.com/35867/Primer-in-Hair

My favorites include:
The actual question posted, "2 weeks ago I was priming a wall to paint and my husband thought he'd be cute and put some in my hair. Not so cute. 2 weeks and 9 washings later, it's still there. 

Any tips on getting it out?

They had me at two weeks and nine washings, but then there was this response:
I think, based on the situation, your husband should scrape it out with his fingernails while you read a book and have a snack.

and this added information from another: I work as a painter in a small shipyard, so this happens all the time to me. I have an impractically long beard that's always getting into the paint. I'm telling you, be glad you're not using industrial epoxy-based primer, that stuff's nasty.

"a painter... in a shipyard... with an impractically long beard." I'm not making this up.

Back to the point... I can't wait to share the before and afters for each room! It's going to be great... I hope.

What's on the agenda for the coming Saturday?
-finish priming playroom (including brick fireplace),
- paint the hallway, bathroom, entry way, playroom, Burke's chalkboard wall, kitchen door, and mantle (that's a lot of painting people... especially that paneling... all those groves...talk about time consuming!)
- mount mantle
-put last coat of spray paint on the kitchen table and chairs
-have flooring inspected and get-er-done!

and then taxes on Sunday. ick. At least someone else is doing it for us!

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