Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The pictures you've all been waiting for...

if you're me. Well, I'm sure Ryan too... but only because he's tired of me making lists of what has to be done each weekend. We are very different in that area... I like lists, check marks, and plans. He, on the other hand, like no lists, no instructions, and no agenda. 

I like to think we even each other out, rather than drive each other crazy. :)

With that said, I am so excited to share these pictures! 
It's not finished, but the major parts of the inside renovation has been completed. The green trimmed exterior lives on... 

I introduce to you... our kitchen.

It looked like this!

Here's what has been done thus far in this room:

- Metal heater taken out from under the window with the table, and re-drywalled (doubt that is a      word.)
-LOTS AND LOTS of cleaning... dust takes on a different form when it sits for years! And EVERY cabinet and drawer was full of stuff. It took a lot of hours just to get this checked off!

-Glass piece taken out of the "window" from the dining room to the kitchen
-The obvious: painting (from floor to ceiling)
-Gege's original art "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first." motto was updated, and rehung proudly.
- Kitchen table and chair revamped... they went through this...

to this

- Old flooring taken up, and replaced with new laminate. 

We were wanting to do hardwoods. After consulting a professional (Thrash Floors and More of Sylacauga, who also did a fabulous job lying the new laminate), it was discovered that would not be an option considering we would have to take up the sub flooring from the entry to the kitchen... 
Memories came flooding back... 

No thank you! Bring on the laminate!

- pantry and pantry door painted and rehung (we have decided every "remaining" door (we took a lot of them off and don't plan on putting them back to make the house feel more open) will probably need this type of love... though not this bad... it was super dingy because, after all... it was in the kitchen.)

What is still on the my to do list for this room? 
-  Baseboard replaced under the window with the table (it never had one due to the removal of the heater.)
- Paint all trim white (sigh... ) It's exactly what I was afraid of. If painting trim, it's always ideal to do it BEFORE you repaint your walls. That way you can be as sloppy as you want! But we wanted to give the original wood a chance. Sadly, it doesn't win us over... especially in this room. It screams to be white. So my plan is to do it one room at a time throughout the house.
- window treatments
- AND... if I EVER feel up to it... repainting the kitchen cabinets. I seriously doubt it happens, but the white on the walls is whiter than the white cabinets... which of course bother the OCD Jessica. I am trying to push her out of my head, because I really don't want to do ALL THOSE CABINETS.
- Possibly new fixtures. The ones here now are inset lights... I think it would be super chick to have a red pendant making itself known.

How do you like it?
I'll be back with the other rooms soon!

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