Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A tribute

We said goodbye to Gege on April 5th.

Billy gave the most touching message, which I will reference a bit here, and (as always) did a wonderful job. He is so gifted, and uses that blessing to it's fullest. I don't even understand how a son could bear to share the message at his mother's funeral, and when I asked him, he said..."it's not hard when she has spent her whole life loving me..."

Billy was right beside her, holding her hand, when she left this world and entered heaven. What a testimony to their mother/son love.

She will always be remembered as...
...a giving person. One that gave to any and all types of people and organizations (you should have seen the countless letters, stamps, and thank you's that we found!)
 ...one that could strike a conversation with anyone... at anytime. She made no one feel a stranger, and loved telling stories of her and her families past.
...a HUGE sports fan. Of course Auburn was at the top, but she always had on the latest sporting event and new facts and figures that would blow your mind. Did you see her ticket stash I posted on Instagram?!
...a dessert lover. As you can see by the very sign that she had in her house "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." She made a mean dump cake and had a love for ice cream. (My kind of eating!)
... a Christian.  As Billy said, it's so hard to see someone go, and we don't want to let them go, but when you know what's waiting for them... you know they need to. It gives us comfort knowing she is in heaven with our Savior!

Thank you God for blessing this world with her life! And what a full one she lived! To think of the things she saw and went through in her lifetime is unimaginable! 
She touched so many people while here on this Earth. We can only pray we do the same. 
We love and will miss you Gege,
until we meet again.

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