Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where the wee one sleeps

I was going to post on the bathroom next... well... I can't seem to locate the pictures I took. This should come to no surprise, seeing as how I left my cell phone in my parents' car last week, and they drove it all the way back to Cullman, AL. It's not so great when you use the "find my phone" service that Apple provides (which is pretty cool may I add) and it's almost four hours away from you. I should also add that my husband left his computer and iPad in the very room I am showing you today... on the same weekend of my phone mishap. (This should explain the lack of blogging lately.)

Apparently, our brains are 30 going on 80.

So... the next room I want to show you is Burke's room! 
I think I put more thought into this room than any other thus far. I want it to be a cozy comfortable place that shows his likes, loves, and personality. I hope he likes it! 

This is what it looked like before anything was done (sorry for the dark grainy photo!)

Clean out and insert bunk bed... and a random kitchen chair before it was vavavoomed? I think I was using it to stand on while I cleaned.

This is what's been done thus far:

Bed and bedding: 
This is Burke's big boy bed! Why yes... it is two, but Burke, Cade, Hudson, and Bryant plan on having spend the night parties. :) Two per bunk. :) They were Ryan and Wesley's when they were wee tots, and are still in great condition. Wonderful grandparents are letting the tradition continue. The bedding is a mix of Pottery Barn (quilt and sheets... which Burke selected: cars and airplanes) with and Ikea duvet and duvet cover with pillow sham (mom selected). His bed is OH SO comfortable... we sleep here now when we come to work on the house. Burke loves it. I just hope the REAL transfer from crib to bed is smooth once we move in. (Fingers crossed.)


Rug and window treatments: 
I bought the rug online for $88, and reused his nursery curtains. I like the faint geometric prints on them. As for curtain rods and finals... I bought electric conduit (1.50), Ikea clip curtain rings and finals (1.99), and a can of spray paint (Rustoleum- Hammered Silver... or something like that- 4.50) and went to town. I spray painted the rings and finals, and actually left the conduit alone! I liked the look! I actually found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a brilliant (and most importantly cheap) way to go! It fits the bill for a casual boy room.

Three were painted Dolphin Fin Grey (the color that will forever follow us), and one we painted with chalkboard paint! He likes writing on it. Yes, it is a bit messy... but I really don't mind messes that are this fun.  I also love that he can see my prayer for him as a constant reminder as he grows up (Isaiah 61:3) You will also notice that the trim is not painted in here. We know we want to keep it that way... at least in his room. In our opinion, it looks great.

You probably notice the door doesn't look like the typical bedroom door. I think I mentioned before  we took many off their hinges to open the space up. This is one we couldn't part with. Ryan had this idea in our last house, to put our back door (which was half glass), on Burke's nursery door so we could see in... it just never happened because we were crunched for time with baby on the way and such. So when he saw this one, he immediately thought to mount it for Burke's door! I love it because we can see in without opening it. Score for midnight peeks into his room without waking him!

Not much right now... I found these adorable metal coat hangers at Target (ones a pig and the other a rhino).  I made the BTC (his initials), that are hung by his bed, with Hobby Lobby letters, leftover red spray paint from the kitchen table and chairs, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge. I'm looking to put a few pictures/canvases up... just haven't decided what pictures and where.

We are also reinstating this DIY clock that I made for his nursery. It's going over a small dresser that was also a hand-me-down from Billy and Shireen. (muchos gracias). I will need to update it with some new members though! (William and Magan!) Great family additions!

Things sill on the to-do list:
Lighting: What is most annoying is that there are light switches in this house... but most don't do anything! Ryan is putting can lights in the living room and track lighting in the playroom, but I think we are just going to use lamps and natural lights for the two bedrooms. There are a lot of old lamps around the house that I am just going to give a little spray paint love, buy a new shade and call it a day to solve our light dilemma. However, I don't want there to be cords and old lamps in Burke's room... so we may do can lights in his room as well, or find another alternative. Maybe a clap lamp or something? :) Right now we are using some $4.00 plastic push lights I found at Home Depot by his bedside. They probably don't have much life left.... seeing as how he hits them as hard as he can... because it elates him that he has so much power as to make LIGHT!

Book shelf: I'm keeping my eye out on something old that we have lying around that I can refinish... if not I'm eyeing one at Ikea... just want to make sure it's right before I buy it.

Bunk bed railing: We have it... it just needs some slight fixes (a.k.a. doesn't go crashing to the floor if you bump it) before it's up.

Throw Pillows: Burke loves pillows. I'm looking for some fun (cheap) ones that will pop on his bed.

I think he will like it when it's finished!

After all this talk about things that will not even matter when I'm dead and gone...because I doubt God will care what paint color I choose for Burke's room... I have to say I am so excited to be able to spend the weekend with family and friends on this special weekend. 
I am so thankful for Christ that gave his life for us and rose from the tomb!
Many blessings! Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Isaiah 52:13 Behold, my servant shall act wisely;  he shall be high and lifted up, and shall be exalted!

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