Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting a bunny bum... not to be confused with getting a beach bum

I love Easter. 
It's such a beautiful time of the year to celebrate our Savior. It's an upbeat and happy time when you are overflowing with thanksgiving, and are in awe of what Jesus did for us! Getting together with family and friends to celebrate this is always so special.

You know what else is great about Easter?
The candy.

(WARNING: Do not buy Easter candy two weeks prior.) Just don't do it.

It will end in you going back to the store again for the stuff that you "bought for your child." Only after I ate the second bag of milk chocolate mini milk chocolate Cadbury Eggs, did I realize that if I did in fact go back to buy a third bag... it would just lead me to a fourth... and so on.

And I got to thinking (as I was finishing off the second bag), isn't this the season when everyone is TRYING to get in some kind of shape? (and not the shape of a Cadbury Egg). 

Speaking of Cadbury Creme Eggs, I don't like them. Oh, but the mini's... Ohhh... they are good. It's more chocolate, instead of the sugary goo. It's like having just enough ice cream with your chocolate brownie. (Now you're wanting one too, right?)

I had never given them a chance since I didn't like the BIG ones... until Nanna put them in Burke's basket.... and Burke hasn't gotten one yet. (And won't until either he finds a way to climb on top of the refrigerator to reach "the stash" or he's old enough to get smart and hide them in his room away from me.) 

Anyway... I guess I'm just insuring myself a one piece for this summer. :)

So this Easter season we did a few egg hunts. Last year, I'm pretty sure Burke was confused by the whole thing, but this year he definitely got into it. 

The first one we participated in was with my friends Allison and Catherine and their sweet babies. Allison was so nice to invite us to their church for this hunt the Wednesday before Palm Sunday.

As most kids soon realize, it's not the amount of eggs you get at some egg hunts, it's the prize inside that they're after. Well, lets just say that Burke's not there yet... because he picked up all the empty plastic eggs that the other kids were throwing to the ground. He was pleased with his full basket...while mommy was distraught over the fact that there would not be any chocolate to eat on the ride home. *Maybe this is the reason I ate two bags of chocolate mini Cadbury eggs.

Burke loved the petting zoo... especially the bunnies.

Mesmerized by the Easter bunny.

Gracelyn loved him too! Look at that smile!

Loving the music!

And somehow he didn't get any chocolate candy, but managed to sit in some.

He wouldn't leave until we waited in a LONG line to get a "ba oon." Which he undid in the car, and wanted me to "fis it." I'm not talented in making balloon animals... especially while driving. 
It was a long ride home I tell you.

On Good Friday we traveled to the lake. We had plans to attend A-day, and thought we were going to be rained out. The rain ended up stopping, and we drove down just in time to walk into the chaos of the campus lawn egg hunt with Aubie. 

He and Cade picked all the eggs up in a 1x1 ft area that they could. :)

The best part was the bounce house and getting to be held by Aubie.

We went to A-day and had a great time. I know that was the best spring game I've ever seen. We can't wait till this football season! (Not rushing summer. Repeat. Not rushing summer.)

That night we headed to Cullman.  The next day was Easter, and it was a beautiful day! After two church services, he crashed... and we woke him up for pictures! (Hence the smile.)

Then we hid eggs at Ree and PaPa's house.

He tried so hard to keep up with the big boys.

Then he figured it out.
He would only put real eggs in his basket (because he could crush them) OR eggs that had chocolate in them. I mean he would literally throw back the ones with money, toys, etc. 
On top of that, he would shove every bit of candy into his mouth before going on his quest to find more chocolate filled eggs. (Do you think he knows I will eat it?)

Sweet boys! Tim and Shanda also found out that they will be adding another little man to this crew in a few months! 
Boys= 6, Girls= 0 
Where would a girl fit in anyway?

They love PaPa and Ree!

When we got home, Burke discovered the Easter Bunny had visited his house while he was gone!

Puzzles, kite, books, bubbles... but not one ounce of chocolate. 
I wonder why?

See you in a one piece!

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