Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Officially BOY

Burke fell asleep on our way back from music class today (No thanks to a storm waking him at 4:30am and wanting to EAT breakfast at 5:00am... yes, extra concealer under my eyes was needed today and I'm drinking caffeine as I type). As I pulled his shoes off I smelled SMELLY FEET! Ugh.... I thought he was supposed to smell like lavender bedtime lotion... FOREVER!

As for the early wake up call... you would think he would be a little weary, heavy eyed, ... or maybe clingy... but no (that would be me). For your enjoyment... this was a tidbit of music class today:

A wild animal I tell you! He's been like this since 4:30.

I need half of that energy to keep up!

I definitely have seen a "change" in behavior since he's crossed the threshold of that second birthday. More energy, more independence, more noise, more "expression of anger" :),  but there have also been more hugs, more joy, and more fun.
 When I told Ryan people call this age the "terrible two's" his response was... he will not BE terrible. We won't allow it.

I kind of like that mindset. 
Two has been anything but terrible. There are definitely times when it's more trying, and as parents I think we have to step our game up. Yes, he will throw a complete fit because he wants to watch Curious George "one mo time," or not understand that we have to leave the playground to run errands , and I get it. He's two. He has to learn, and learning takes time. So the best I can do is be firm, but loving, and guide him the best I can (or so I'm telling myself).

Here are some things we've been doing during our days together ...

Learning and having fun with the alphabet, numbers, and colors.
We *try to do a new letter every week. We usually get books from the library that coordinate with our letter, do a few crafts, sensory activities, and pretend play. For example... this week was G, and we learned about David and Goliath , went to see the Geese, read Curious George books, made some crafty "G's" and put his best one on the wall, and just really put emphasis on that letter whenever possible.

But don't let me fool you... we believe in watching T.V. and electronics with the best of them. I am not super mom, and fully enjoy the fact that I can throw him the iPad in the car and make a three hour trek to Alabama. 

Of course... Music Class
(Please ignore the Lloyd Christmas haircut on my child. He had to have a trim until we can get to a real barber.)
I don't know what we are going to do without it once we leave Atlanta! He loves it soooo much, and sings the songs all the time. I am either going to have to open one myself in lil ole Sylacauga or find something similar in the area!

We go to the mall.
NOT to shop. 
I wear workout clothes every day (not because I work out) and have decided I will no longer be buying "real clothes" unless it is completely necessary. Tell me a good reason to put on jeans instead of yoga pants when you are crawling in tunnels and digging in dirt. There just isn't one!

So, this was the first time he had conquered climbing this playset all by himself. He didn't want me to help, so I was trying to sit back and act cool... as you can see and hear me react like a first time mother here:

The skating rink. 
Yes, I kinda felt like I was going back to my 90's when I entered.
I signed up for Meet-Up, with Smyrna moms and get all kinds of opportunities to meet up with other moms and their kids. We have only done one of these play dates so far, and it was a lot of fun. The kiddos brought all kinds of riding and push toys to play around on the rink, and Burke has made a great new friend (Alessio) who you see pictured with below. We are going to take on swim lessons together for the month of June. Can't wait!


This was a fun event that we went to last Saturday while Daddy went to back for the 20th reunion of Rural Studio.

Burke loved getting in the drivers seat over and over and over again! He "drove" everything from a crane to a school bus!

(Doesn't everyone eat their hotdog like this?)

(and want to have their picture with A HOTDOG?)
I think it's a framer.

I sure love this age... but maybe, just maybe I need to go get a little sleep to keep up with him for the rest of today.

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