Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Potty On- Sticker chart fail

No... my child is not potty trained.

While he insists on placing as many diapers on his bottom as he can.... 

there is still no sign of his readiness for potty training.

Which makes me feel...

However, he does want to sit on the potty, but only AFTER he has done the deed. He thinks this somehow earns him a sticker for his chart... in which I amuse him (or rather desire a good relationship between him and The John.) 

I'm sure I've messed up.

First timer.

Right here.

So... I thought I would share what we have done to the bathroom at our new place that we will be moving into the 27th of June! That's right. We finally have a date people!

Here's what we have done thus far:

1)SCRUBBED from floor to ceiling.

2) Changed out the toilet seat for this baby. 
We bought ours at Home Depot for almost 15$ more, so this one from Amazon is a much better deal.

It was kind of high. I mean, we are talking toilet seats here ... and there was already a perfectly good one on the toilet, but I would have paid double for it. 
 Because Burke loves to sit on it, doesn't fall in the toilet, and needs no assistance from me when "going to the potty." (It's in quotation marks for sarcastic purposes only... because he doesn't actually go, remember?) It also prevents the removable ones from lying on the floor when not in use.

3)Removed the linen closet door inside the bathroom. 
I think this was a great decision on husbands part. I questioned it at first (why is he always right???),  and now see that it makes it feel more open, easily accessibility to things you need first hand in the bathroom (i.e. towels, toilet paper, etc.), and is mostly takes out the awkwardness of having two doors (the bathroom door and closet door) right next to each other.

I also love the idea of styling it! (Which is not completed yet... hence the pile of cleaning products on the top right shelf.) 

One blog gave the idea of housing all the not-so-pretty things in photo boxes, (People are so brilliant, and I'm so glad they put their ideas all over pinterest for me to steal!), and using baskets to make for a pretty and organized space. 

Yes please!

We use a lot of our baskets currently at our apartment. So as soon as we move I will get to rearranging and organizing to my hearts content with what we already have.

I also used this tutorial to make the decorative glass jars that you see on the second shelf (also found on pinterest). They house our cotton balls, q-tips, and something else I'm not sure of yet :).
I thought they were gorgeous. I to only buy the paint (the jar are just cleaned out pickle jars) it was a super cost effective project.

4)The room was repainted... all white. I figure the green tile adds plenty of color.

Things on the to-do list for this room:

1) Build a small "table" around the metal heater. Ryan didn't take this one out... it's surrounded by tile and would have been a mess. So we are going make it into a short and slim counter space that can be of use.

2) Do SOMETHING with the mirror/medicine cabinet. Replace it with one similar to the one already up... just in better condition, or put a simple full length mirror over the sink (just over the counter). The later may prevent future arguments while getting ready in the morning. Just sayin'.

3) Fix the leak under the sink 

4) Hang a few pictures instead of propping them up on the metal heater...

5) Put down a few bathroom rugs.

and 6)(Please, please, help me with this.) Get the ring out of the toilet. I guess the water sat in it for four years before it was ever flushed again, and it left a terrible ring. I tried bleaching it, but no luck. Anyone got a product or suggestion I could try to fix this gross eye sore?

And there you have it- the potty room. A step up from before, I do believe!

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  1. Jess- It looks so good!! And I love the tile! I think it is such a classic!