Monday, January 27, 2014

If everything were this perfect!

Go ahead. Push play.

I can't get enough of this piano duet. Inspirational song- check. Two AMAZING artists - check, and the commercial with tribute to heroic women gets me every time. Triple check.

It's perfection.

You know what's not perfect? My potty training skills.

Here's how is went down.

After two days of "Oh, he's doing so good." "He'll be potty trained in no time." (In my head-"I have a perfect child.") hahahaha.

Ehhhh, wrong.

On day three the child wouldn't go... anywhere. Not in the potty, his big boy pants, or in a diaper! He has mad "holding it" skills. (Maybe that will come in handy later in life if we have to travel by car to Oklahoma City again.) He seriously didn't go all day on Friday. By the end of the night I was beginning to worry, and didn't want to cause him to have "issues" (if you know what I mean), and decided that it wasn't worth it. (Plus he was whiny... not himself whiny, over the top whiny... I'm assuming this was coming from the pain I put him through.) Sheesh.
We will try again in two months.... like when it's warmer, and he can pee outside.

Meanwhile, we got a lot accomplished at Gege's! Mom finished taking ALL the wall paper down on Friday! (Doing happy dance!) And we spent the day cleaning Burke's room and the bathroom from top to bottom, so now they are to ready for paint. I also scraped the flaking paint from the large living room window and sanded them down during Burke's nap (I consider myself a pro at this now, yet HATE doing it with a passion.) Glad it's finished!

That night Danielle graciously invited us to eat dinner at their house that night. It was so good, and Burke and Cade thoroughly enjoyed it. :) (Make sure your volume is turned down! lol)

On Sunday, Ryan went to work while I kept Burke at the lake house. We are now officially getting into jobs where he can't be around (unless you all know of a way to teach toddlers to paint trim.) 

Ryan took some panorama's to show you... they do weird things to the room shape, but you can get the gist of it.

Living area... or it will be a living area- eek!
Ryan took out the old and unused heaters that took up a ton of space in this room and the dining room, along with the mirror that you see above the fire place. We also contemplated taking off the popcorn ceilings (it's in two rooms-the dining and living), but after chipping away for five minutes it was decided that we will just patch it and live with it. Fine. with. me!

Burke's clean room! Starting to love the bunk beds! I can't wait to get the bedding on them!

Our room: Still dirty. Still holding stuff... we will get to it in due time.

Oh... the bathroom. If you have ANY design advise... I beg you to send it my way!

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room. Ryan is going to build a little bar/shelf off the window opening.


There! Looks like we have a lot to do, but we've got the timeline of things pretty sketched out. So thankful for our family's that help out their crazy children!

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