Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Favorites from one to two

So... I decided to take a few minutes today to get my blog looking more appealing and organized.... and bless my heart, I just learned how to "label" my posts (see above blog archive). It will help me and others refer back to particular topics when needed... as will the search box at the top!

I'm just so proud of myself.

The problem is that it's got me so anxious to go back through my 163 posts and get organized! But I promised myself I would only take 30 minutes to help this fiasco, so I will try to do this a little at a time.

The real reason for this post is that I wanted to share a few of our favorite things from one to two!
Some have stuck, and some have been a wast of money and time.

1) The Music Class- This particular day we brought a relatives Flat Stanley to class to join in on the fun. :)

Burke loves music in general (especially the Auburn band). I would think most babies do, but I'm not sure to what extent. You can catch Burke singing anything from Row, Row, Row Your Boat, to humming the Auburn pre game melody. I have to think The Music Class has guided his love for music, but I also know not every child will request to listen to "da Auburn band" when the get in the car. (I really need to get the newest Auburn CD... 2006 show music is getting a little old.)

2)Juice Plus: I will admit... I was skeptical. Plus... it was a bit pricey for me. I mean... it's vitamins for goodness sake! However, since Burke has been taking it, he has not been to the doctor for a sick visit. The last time we went for a sick visit was last March! I also know that staying at home is also a huge factor, but I'm not willing to chance testing my hypothesis. It truly makes me feel good that he will get his fruits and veggies when we fall short (like... every day.)

He takes two fruit and two veggie gummies every day with no complaint.

3) Baby Gap skinny jeans- they fit his bottom and little legs just right.

4) LUV's diapers- I WAS a Pampers girl, and often buy off brand at various stores, but LUV's is competitive in price, and fit so well! Never had a diaper disaster with this one.

5) The BOB running stroller- most days it's a walking stroller, but Burke still loves to ride and calls it by name. ("Bob ride mama!") It's smooth ride, and off terrain accessibility are stellar.

Look how little! I remember this was his first ride in a stroller without the carseat adapter. :)

6) A bubble blower.... and not produced by your lungs.

This is not the brand we have (I think ours is the Target special), but it's the same idea. You push a button... and whaa la.

Sooo  much easier... and more satisfying when you get a ton of bubbles. Why did it take me so long to spend an extra two dollars?

7) Puzzles.

Melissa and Doug are our favorite... and the ones with sound in particular. Burke also loves to do them on the iPad. The newest addition is a tangram type puzzle board that he loves. 

He has even used the triangles to make his squares (Here's to hoping he doesn't get his momma's poor geometry skills.)
8) Mommy and me swim lessons.

Woody and Burke really enjoyed each other last summer (and the mommas sure did too!) We all had a good time playing around in the water and singing silly songs. I highly recommend doing it when they are wee little lads... even though Burke is not "big" by any means, I just feel like he wouldn't be as go with the flow and into it as he was at one.

This was his first (and my favorite) pair. I love how easy they are to get on and off, and go with almost anything.

10) These Ikea bibs

This is the newest favorite. You can't beat the $4.99 price tag (for two!). I have washed them a handful of times already and no raveling or tearing, and they do a great job of keeping his clothes stain free (because I am terrible at removing stains!)

Please feel free to share you're favorite things! Anything that makes daily life easier or more enjoyable is worth sharing! ;)
Alright... now, I've got some labeling to get to!

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