Thursday, March 19, 2015

Party like you're in Jordan-Hare, Burke is three!

This past weekend was Burke's third birthday party! While I knew the house would not be in the best state... the exterior has yet to be renovated and landscaping is far from being done... it turned out great because it didn't rain, family and friends were here to celebrate with us, and this guy had a ball. 

I choose the Auburn theme for a couple of reasons... one- when I asked him what kind of party he wanted about four months ago he said "Auburn Marching Band." Well, I thought one of two things... one- Auburn would be soooo easy! Considering our family probably has just as much Auburn decor, themed platters, and all things orange and blue that you can possibly imagine. Two- How in the world am I going to pair this with music? (Which he LOVES!) While that part is important to me, I gave myself the "I just had a baby card" and decided I couldn't pull out all the stops this year, since most of my life was consumed with meeting the needs of a newborn. So I called it a day when I thought to play our Auburn band music over my portable radio (who's batteries would later die... I tried.)

So here are his party in pictures (brace yourself... there are a lot!). I HUGE thank you to Magan, my photographer :). She asked if I wanted her to take pictures of everything (while I was still probably in my sweat pants at 10 till the party started... I think she sensed the stress. :) A massive thank you to Billy and Shireen for hauling everything they own from tables to PB&J sandwiches from the lake to the house and the help setting it up- WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU? As well as my mom, who came the day before to help with the kids while I did some finishing touches, made a Walmart run at the wee hours on Saturday, helped clean last minute, goodness... the list could go on and on... and Ryan. He built it- and they came. :)

Burke helping Ryan build his field goal posts. I didn't get a good shot of the "field," but you can kind of see it in the background of a lot of the pictures, like the one below!

Dessert table: We had "Tiger Tails"- pretzel rods dipped in orange white chocolate and made to look "tigerish," X's and O's Oreo Dip, orange and blue candy, Quarter Back Cupcakes, and Touchdown Cookies.

While all the food isn't out on the food table... you get the idea! 
Food included: Halftime Hamburgers, Half-Back Hotdogs, Defense Baked Beans, Chips to Cheer For, Tailgate Dip, and Punter Potato Salad. 

Drink station

Party favors! 

This is a tradition we started at his first birthday party. I find it fun to find a book related to his party theme, but the real reason I'm keeping it going is because the LOVES for me to read the messages people write to him. He knows who's is who's from his second birthday... I have tried skipping one or two people's before and he totally stops me and informs me that "You missed one mama!" :) So know that your kind words matter!

Gatorade station

Football was played ...

The bounce house was a hit...

and lots of family and friends came to celebrate!

And when Thomas doesn't go fast enough... hire Hudson. 

This is where Ryan bit the dust. :)

Sign him up!

He only eats the icing off cupcakes. SO. MUCH. SUGAR!

Sam, Lawson, Thomas, and Payne... sweet boys!

I think he liked it. :)

Cousin love!

An attempt at a Heisman pose. 

Hehe... Sister says "Life is good..." 

No words for how cute she looked in her first tutu! (Thanks Aunt Stacy!)

We are so thankful for the family and friends that were able to celebrate another year of life with Burke! I know he had a great time.

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  1. Super cute! And I'm pretty sure you pulled out all the stops ;)