Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My sweet Burke,

Just look at you... a big three year old! You weighed 28 lbs (18%ile) and are 38 inches tall (68%ile) at  your well check last week!

My how you have grown since last year. 

You have never had rolls, and your dad and I always thought you looked like an old man with wrinkles when you were little... 

but now...

Now, it's not just the fact that your baby features are hanging by a thread... it's your personality, your communication ability, and your understanding that is making it so real to me that you are growing up!

You desire independance.
- Not only are you fully potty trained...you insist on going to the bathroom all by yourself. You don't want me coming any farther than the bathroom door, and even then you want me to shut it. (Yes, this usually results in lots of Lysol wipes being used). However, I usually find a way to help you, but you definitely don't want my help.
-You want to put your shoes on by yourself... which brings me to...

You're particular.

-Your socks have to be on perfectly before putting your shoes on... can't be slightly twisted, heal in the exact right spot, etc.
-When you draw, you seem to know exactly what you are drawing... even it none else sees it or understands. Just recently you started making things that we can actually understand! 

Your first drawing, that we could make out, was a door. :) Complete with a door knob. :)
- You don't want a rug flipped up, your pancakes covered in syrup (you dip everything!), or to get out of our daily routine (Case in point... you notice if I try to just read two books before bedtime, instead of three.) :)

You're smart, and quite funny.

-You often solve problems on your own... like getting to the cookie jar without asking anyone to help you onto the counter :)... 

or finding objects that make the same sound as your drum set when told NOT to play them because sister is sleeping. :) 
-You've known your alphabet for awhile now. 
-You can count to at least 30, with little or no help, and can associate numbers to their quantity... at least to the number 10.
- You pick up music and melody so quickly... and I believe you play with your toy saxophone more than anything in your playroom. You know everything from the tune and some lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner... to the Mickey Mouse and the Pirates song and dance.

Here's a little Auburn Pregame action at our most recent Sonic lunch date.

You still have my heart.
- Even though you seem like a "big" boy now, you still cuddle. Oh you cuddle. You love to curl up and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Curious George in the morning. You want your back scratched before you go to sleep at nap time, and then sweetly put your arm over my neck, before drifting off.
- I love to hear you talk... but particularly when you say the word "wellow" (yellow), or you whisper in my ear "Momma...Momma...I wanna tell you sompin (something)," when you say your prayers and you include your friends at school, or you say the sweet words we tell you every night back to us as your going to sleep..."You're favorite little boy in the whole wide world." "I wuv you." or "You my bestest buddy."
-You are the sweetest with your sister... you even got in Libby, after a morning at school, looked over at her and asked me "How is sister?" This took me by surprise (you know... that you would actually be interested in what your sister had been doing considering all you have see her do is eat and sleep.) so when said "What did you say?" You replied... "How is sister doing? Did she have a good day?" It melted me that you showed love, concern and interest in your sister.

(2 months and 3yr. well check)

It's not always rainbows and butterflies...
-You have started throwing fits. I have to remember GRACE during these times! Usually it's a result of me not letting you watch T.V., or have sweets (You LOVE sugar!)
-You are not the best listener. Many times you have to be told or threatened to lose a privilege for you to complete a task.

BUT I love you through those time, just as much as I love you when you are hugging my neck. I believe that's when you know you're a momma.... and I'm so glad I'm yours.

Happy 3rd Birthday Burke.
You are loved more than you can ever imagine,
Your momma.

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