Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making up for missed holidays

Some holidays passed us recently...

Valentine's Day!

I could eat them up!

Gosh, she's changed so much in one month!

All four of us went to dinner at a Hibachi buffet nearby. It is about as casual as you can get besides fast food, and the hibachi grill is exceptional...we actually don't even eat off of the buffet when we go!

Providing our dinner entertainment...

We came back home, but the kiddos to bed and watched a movie-gasp!

St. Patrick's Day!

I tell this point, it is HARD getting Burke to even look at the camera... much less smile the cheesiest smile known to man. :)
I love it.

Sister wasn't too thrilled about the choke hold, but she sure did look cute and festive, and Burke in his leprechaun hat sure did make my morning more comical.

Burke missed the leprechaun when he was visited during nap time... he obviously came through the window.... 
(made a pit stop to the potty-since is was green and had clover on the seat!...I'll spare you a picture of our toilet) ...
came down the hallway and left three green dum dums!
Upon finding the dumdums he was thrilled... and then asked for a rainbow. :)

We didn't catch our leprechaun again this year... maybe next time!

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