Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cullman Visit and "What he said" Wednesday's

About a month ago we went to Cullman to see my grandparents and to introduce Hylan Marie to them.

She slept in grandma's arms for about an hour. 
Precious moments.

So glad we got to visit with everyone. These people mean so much to me, and we are so lucky to have them be able to hold and enjoy their great grandchildren! 

They are such a blessing to me!

AND... Random, but....

I almost never follow through with promises to blog on a predicable basis... but I'm going to try my BEST to take a 20 minute time out to blog every Wednesday in order to document the sweet, funny, disgusting, or three year old hilarity that comes out of this boy's mouth now-a-days.

(This is what you do when mommy is feeding sister.... find anything and everything you're not supposed to get into, and run through the house because you know mommy can't get to you.)

Saturday, March 21st

Burke explains what happens to a cookie.

"You put it in eh" (opening mouth and pointing)
"Den, it goes down" (Hand motions from throat to tummy)
"Then comes out de booty." (Makes lovely hand motions showing the final phase of the cookies departure....)

Sunday, March 22nd:

I taught Children's Church for the first time... and it was also Burke's first experience in children's church. While I don't think either of us did exceptionally well, we were there, we tried, and were blessed because of it! :)

In my lesson (which I adapted and modified from In this House We Will Giggle by Courtney DeFeo (Thanks for the recommendation Lindsey! I'm loving this book!) we left Sunday School with two eggs stuffed with a piece of candy and an Easter picture and bible verse to give to someone who we want to share Jesus's love with. We had no sooner pulled out of the church parking lot, and I hear "Mmmmmm...." from the backseat.

Me: "Buuuurrrke. You were supposed to give that to someone else! Why did you do that?"
Burke: With NO hesitation... "Cus I a stinkerpot. That's why I do that."

Ryan and I couldn't hold our laughter in. :)

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