Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Friday Favorites on a Tuesday...

It's an emergency Friday Favorites... as in, I couldn't wait until this Friday to share this with mom's, dad's, grandparents, etc. who are looking for a little extra something to add to and personalize a Christmas gift to a loved one.... I mean... this is beyond perfect. The only problem? You will have to act fast, because her last day to accept orders is this Wednesday (as in tomorrow)!

My friend Kate's mom started this after Kate told me she spent way to much money on getting her son's silhouette professionally printed.... Y'all... it's 18$ for the first print and then 15$ for any print/ornament after that!

All you do is send in a sweet profile picture, and they produce this perfection!

Are these not gorgeous? And what a sweet and classic way to capture our littles!

If you want more details, find and like La La Land on Facebook and message her ASAP! :)
I know I am OVER THE MOON in love with ours! (Sorry... I can't share, but I know I have grandparent readers. :)

My next FAVORITE thing is Trishia Ralston Photography.

Trishia is one of the most genuine God loving woman I have met. We met through a group of girls I've become close with, and have only talked a handful of times, but her and her little family are such an inspiration to me! They travel to Kenya to do mission work there, give their time and talents to Vapor International (check in out... it's an amazing non-profit), and live life putting God first with three beautiful babies! In fact, they will be moving next year because they are led to work in Ohio. 

She caught this snapshot of Burke at yesterday's Christmas performance because her daughter attends the same school.
(Oh yes... it's a whole blog post... coming soon, ha!)

NO... but her professional photos...
are so so good!
Take a look at a few of my FAVORITES ...


And go check out this link of a family shoot she did for Christmas.
Oh so sweet!

Doesn't she capture the innocence of children perfectly?!

Email her at trishiaralston@gmail.com, because she has some great prices! And catch her before she moves at the end of February 2016!

I just wish I had known about her sooner! 
We already had some family shots taken and have Hylan Marie's first birthday shoot on the calendar... Boo!

Another FAVORITE...
(My friend Laura Beth (more on her and her talents later... if she'll let me :) whipped up this virtual flyer in a hot minute. Did I mention I have talented friends?)

Our new group at church, The Timothy Project, headed up this outreach... and boy was it a success! We are collecting warm items for those in need, and have received countless donations. Just look at our first night of coat collecting before the children's performance this past Sunday!

I am so in awe of our church family and friends who are sharing the warmth of Jesus! It's so awesome to feel the support of our pastor and church family as we start this new young families group and test out the waters in various ways... We love FUMC of Sylacauga!

And last, but not least...
Jameson Monroe is on Groupdealz.

If you've seen Hylan's head... you'll know it's one of my favorite bow companies. :)

(Shelly Kreel Photography)

Hylan may have one or three of these in her stocking this Christmas! 
We ordered some of her new colors...
The periwinkle and boysenberry are my FAVORITE.


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