Friday, December 11, 2015

Sweet sweet sounds

Burke has been attending cherub choir since the beginning of the school year. It's an understatement to say that he loves it. :)

I know he loves music... but I'm pretty sure he loves the people he gets to hang out with more. And that's perfectly fine with me.

The choir teacher, Mrs. Crocker, has put in so much time with these kids. She's done a great job with them and I'm so thankful for her joyful heart! She makes it so much fun for the children. 

(Does he not look adorable???)

 Burke is the youngest of the bunch (because the starting age was supposed to be 5 I think... oops), but I think he's done a great job, and loves being with the big kids.
                            He wanted to be a wise man in the Christmas Story... wish granted. :) 

We had quite the family turn out! 
B is supported for sure!

Here's a short clip of his big debut. ;)
He may or may not have almost forgot Jesus' gift. lol

It was so sweet to see and hear the Christmas Story through our children!

Little Miss and I exited to the back after their portion of the night was over... big girl can only keep herself seated for so long now. :)

After it was over, we took a few family shots.
Thank you all so much for coming!!!

My little wise man!!!
(Hylan Marie was officially done. :)

The next day was his school Christmas program!

When his teacher told me they were having him be Santa I knew Burke would be elated.
He loved it! A little sweaty... but no complaints from the big man in red. :)

Here are a few numbers...

It was about a 45 minute show! I was so impressed by how well they all behaved and sang out!
Kuddos to those sweet teachers! 

Oh my goodness at the cuteness! I love how he over exaggerates the movements and sign language! And boy is he singing in this one! You can surely hear him!

(Warning this song will be in your head for days... as Burke sings it CONSTANTLY around the house. So cute!)

AND... with no further ado... Burke Claus!

He has the perfect pageant wave... hahaha.
No, but really, he did so so good! So proud of him! I don't think he gets stage fright at all!

Once it was over, they went back to their rooms, but we had to stop by to tell him what a great job he did!

PaPa telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. :)

Both these performances warmed my heart so! 
So proud of our little man.

Merry Christmas!

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