Monday, December 14, 2015

Busy weekend recap

We had a fun filled weekend!

Friday, we started it with coffee with friends... this has quickly become a weekly tradition that is so fun. Everyone brings their crazy (a.k.a. our children) and attempts to have a conversation while feeding, consoling, or chasing a child. (It's fun... really!) I'm pretty sure by the end of the week, we all just want to have an adult conversation so badly that it doesn't matter if it messes with our child's sleep schedule, we have a long list of to-do's waiting on us, or we don't even drink coffee (me!) that we say "YES PLEASE!" to a moment to hang out with one another.
I love these girl friends of mine!

Why it took us so long to discover the under the table trick... I'll never know! :)

We are waiting on an age requirement to be posted on the coffee shop doors any day now. haha!

Friday, was also the day that Burke knew Cade was coming to spend the night. :)
Well... see our Advent Calendar?
Ever since I told Burke a few days ago that Cade was coming over, it quickly turned into a Countdown to Cade calendar. haha... 

Sister LOVES to get ahold of it. Which is fine! It's supposed to be played with by little hands! I love that! However, Burke doesn't. Here is a priceless moment caught in time...This happens all day. Would you believe she wins eventually? :)

And here is later the same day... Burke taking high ground in order to keep his Lego's intact. 

Then it was FINALLY time to pick up Cademan!

We headed to the park as soon as we made it back home because... this weather!

Love these boys' love for each other!

We ordered pizza, made cookies, and played Headbandz!

Hylan was loving on Cade too!

That night, we did our thing... 
they have come to expect the royal treatment. hahaha

Their own boxes, which include popcorn, M&M's, fruit, Capri-Sun, and one of the cookies they made. :) They don't go to bed hungry!

(The Grinch is Burke's favorite! He loves to quote and act out the part where the Grinch puts his head to Maxx and says "then they sing, and they sing, sing, sing!), and I roll because he does it so well.

While they enjoyed some Christmas classics, I put this girl to sleep.

It's funny... I had a set bedtime routine with Burke. Well... second child gets to bed however and whenever the moment strikes. But here the past two months she's literally asked (well... maybe not literally... but reaching and selecting this book only the way a baby can) to be read this book. 

She loves it, and does the best goodnight kiss at the end. #swoon

Then I find this...
(they always "camp out")

The next day our angel, Gabe, had paid us a visit.
He asked us to bring our cookies to the fire department!
(Our second attempt.... let's relive the first a moment, shall we?)

YEP... that's how our good deed ended last Tuesday. But it's a good lesson... don't cry over spilt cookies... just eat them and make some more. :)
 So, four days later... Gabe sent us to do just that.
The boys loved spreading kindness!
Right after a visit to the fire department, we headed over to our church for Pancakes with Santa.
Leslie and all her help did a wonderful job with the event! 

First some pictures...

Hylan Marie cracked me up! It's like she knew she would cry if she looked at him... so she kept doing this weird side-eye thing. haha!

Burke telling Santa what he wants for Christmas.

And Santa getting cracked up at Burke because his list is soooo long and he just keeps mumbling... (I had to cut him off.)

Then just HM.

Since she wouldn't smile, Santa had the idea of making her look at him. 
She DID NOT want to! He kept talking to her and finally she looked up. :)

We got a winner! :)

Then crafts, followed by pancakes, sausage and chocolate milk!

The sweet FUMC children's group!

Lilly Kate is such a sweetie pie!

Then we came home, and regrouped before heading to a family reunion on the Alverson side of the family.
It was unbelievable food (Hylan LOVED it) and even better company!
Of course... this is the only random photo I got (geez)...

And then we headed BACK to the house, packed, (found that Ryan's car had been smashed into... lovely), reported to insurance, let Hylan get a nap, and then headed to the lake to celebrate this TWO year old!

(Please rewatch and note that Burke is trying to blow out Hudson's candles from afar. lol)

Anyway, then Danielle captured the cutest photo EVER.

Haha! Hudson!

I suppose I got lazier as the weekend went on, because I have no pictures of Sunday!

Now, it's crunch time for last minute Christmas gifts, parties, wrapping, ... and Hylan Marie's first birthday! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime- said everyone, everywhere!
Have a great week!

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