Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Photo Dump because I have a lot of catching up to do!

I mean... I shopped early, wrapped early, etc... but man... this time of year still packed a punch on me! I'm pretty sure my head will explode any minute if I try to remember one more thing to do before Christmas Day. :)

We tried to keep things light and fun around here, but sometime this mommas stress level oozes out... (so sorry husband.)

I was just talking to a friend about this very subject, and then read this the yesterday! God is trying to tell me something!... This devotional put it into perspective so well. I just wish I had read it at the beginning of the month!

I had to share, so I took some pictures for you to read too! (Momma's if you're like me, you NEED to read this!)
Get the book HERE.

Saying "no,"... it's definitely something I have to work on... but have found myself these last few weeks doing it on occasion and it is so freeing. To read that Jesus HIMSELF practiced saying "no"... or "waiting" for the right season in life to come into play makes me realize I need to take a look at my own season of life more and pray fully consider even the tinniest of decisions. 

Here are some things we said YES to. :)

Wearing Mommy's new tacky sweater. :)
When he saw it for the first time, he said "Oh!... I wanna wear it! :)

That same day, last Monday, we went to the car dealership to get Libby's back hatch fixed. Thankfully we had a recall and didn't have to pay out of pocket!

The sweater kept us entertained... (Yes... I wore it in public... and YES my car matches my sweater.) :)

Afterwards, we had a McWane Day!

Burke and Hylan Marie loved the train... especially the first car where they had control of the bell. :)
(We drove the employee crazy.)

Burke is a dare devil and has no fear when it comes to stuff like this. 
I love it!

Daddy stopped in for some fun during lunch.
Not only do the kids love that Daddy is close to McWane, but I love it too... (Can we say hurray for a bathroom break without a child opening the door prematurely or stressing about what anybody touches?! #itsthelittlethings)

Burke built the rocket ship base and Daddy built the rocket.
What a pair.

In the baby area... Not sure B was supposed to be in here, but he loved it too.

Great naps were had by both babies on the way home.

Wednesday was Burke's classroom Christmas Party.
Hylan and I paid the big three year old a visit. 

Love him so!

Mrs. Autumn shared a picture with us from earlier that day when Santa came to visit!
Love that big grin! The boy loves him some Santa.

But later that day.... Hylan started getting fussy and running a temp... runny nose... cough... she had it all.
I thought it was just a bad cold... because we all had something terrible the previous week, Hylan Marie included.

But NOPE... we went to the doctor last Thursday and she tested positive for RSV and had a sinus infection. Poor baby.

So she basically stayed in my arms for two days. :(

She is also cutting her top teeth, but they haven't pushed through the gums yet... so I'm sure that feels great as well.

Needless to say, sleep has been hard to come by around here. 

Unless you get it like this.

And to think she had just slept through the night two days prior... grrr... I basically had to sleep with her in an upright position, so as you probably can guess it's hard to go back to "normal" after things like this.

So baby with RSV combined with all the festivities that go along with the wonderful season of Christmas is the reason I am going to have to play blogging catch up...

More to come!

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