Saturday, January 2, 2016

On the Eve of your first birthday...

It's absolutely crazy that this day, last year, we would go to bed not knowing it would be our last night as a family of three.

I went to bed thinking that I would have at least another week before I was "ready" for you. You know... make sure the house was spotless after taking down all those Christmas decorations, taking your brother for his "special day" in anticipation of your arrival (we were headed to Birmingham the next day to do just that... you know- a Build-a-Bear/Chucky Cheese Extravaganza. ;) I won't lie... I kinda thought I might be able to hold off having you-even when I realized my water broke at 4am, because I too was excited about the day trip to spoil the soon-to-be BIG brother.... 

Boy, do I look back on those feelings and feel so sorry for myself!

Poor, poor us.

We had no idea ...

We had no idea how wonderful and complete you would make our family.

We would have no idea that the best smiles would be had when there were four of us laughing... and not three.

We would have no idea about watching sibling love, and that they would be some of our favorite moments OF. OUR. LIFE. 

We had no idea that the best things come in the smallest packages. 
4lb 12oz ones at that.

Hylan Marie, we can't wait to celebrate you tomorrow with our closest family. We thank God every time we think of you, my dear sweet baby girl. You have our hearts!

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  1. Happy birthday Hylan! Hope the birthday celebration was great! Can't wait to see pictures!