Monday, January 4, 2016

Hylan Marie's First Birthday

Since we are waiting on our well visit this Thursday (if it will be called that... seeing how she is sick) to get her one year stats, I wanted to do a separate post on her day and her birthday party!

I won't lie. I have been dreaming of putting together this sweet girly birthday party for a long time! To use PINK (gasp!) and profess my love of floral throughout the house made my heart skip a beat. :)

Using Pinterest for a lot of inspiration, I wanted a softer version of a pink and gold party combined with a floral theme. I started collecting and doing odds and ends about 4 or 5 months ago, but of course most of the decor really came together the week before her birthday... because... Christmas! (Which those posts are coming asap!) To me, crafting so much fun, and I think the smallest details make it super special. Like... I may or may not have hand painted her candle. (Insert emoji monkey with hands over eyes.) 

So here are all the details of Hylan Marie's first birthday, from 12am (literally) to finish! Not that she will remember... but I and about 15 others will. :)

12am- 7am
Hylan Marie wanted to celebrate with me multiple times throughout the night this past Sunday... waking about every two hours or so because she wasn't feeling well. Poor thing had fever and was a mess with sinus stuff, but by Sunday morning, the Motrin had kicked in and she was feeling the best she had been all weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's because she was serenaded by her three amigos once she awoke from her slumber. :) She had no idea what in the world we were doing, but by the end of Happy Birthday she was grinning ear to ear. (Side note... this morning instead of Burke calling Hylan Marie by her real name... he referred to her all morning as "the birthday girl." "Where's the birthday girl?" "Can I go in the birthday girl's room?" "Is birthday girl still sleeping?" haha!)

We decided to go ahead to church since she was feeling much better. The music, message, and sweet church family were a great way to kick off her birthday! We love FUMC Sylacauga!

We came home, put HM to sleep, and did some last minute finishing touches to the decor.

Reinforcements arrived (i.e. Ree and PaPa)... more hands to help is always a great thing!!! Thanks so much!

Her doorhanger- Hobby Lobby frame painted pale pink, lace over cardboard, gold vinyl H made by our nurse Beth (Hylan Marie's talented labor and delivery nurse!), and 97cent fake roses from Walmart hot glued on... 

Her chalkboard art!
(I will say this was a tire stage... I didn't even bother to sharpen my chalk, and you can tell. I just kept breaking it to get a somewhat sharp edge. hahahaha) At least her name is pretty. :)

The view from the kitchen.

The banner.... it might be one of my favorite parts. I found a fabric I LOVED at Hobby Lobby.
What was great about it, is that it had three different patterns in it, so all I had to buy was a couple yards of this one fabric! I threw some lace and thin white material in as well!

Drinks: The BEST punch I've ever tasted...  get this recipe from Macaroni and Cheesecake. (I couldn't find strawberry sherbet, but raspberry worked just fine!)
Water w/ lemon

...served up in some pink cups wrapped in burlap and lace. 

I found a beautiful picture on Pinterest that I just had to try to mimic. The one was cut out of white cardboard, and fake flowers were hot glued on! It turned out pretty good I thought!

Food table:
Chicken Salad Chick on croissants (thanks mom for stopping by and picking up my order!), Spinach and Artichoke Dip (TGIFriday's freezer appetizer... dumped into a crystal pie plate to look like I did something, ha!)
Pinwheels from Walmart deli (funny story- I sent Ryan on this mission at 11am... he came back with the Star Wars DVD collection and TWO platters of pinwheels, when I had only order one. #neversendamantowalmart 
In his defense, he only asked for what I had ordered... and they gave him two of the same thing. Thankfully he was able to get his refund with no problem....but the Star Wars DVD's???  No excuse. lol

Sliced veggies, chips, hummus, ranch, fruit, dipped strawberry wafers and cupcake marshmallows, and "One" cookies made by Shireen!

I wanted light girly food (The three kids that were in attendance didn't touch it... but I gave them cake and ice cream- so all is well.) ;)

When planning, I wanted it to be like a sit-down lunch! 
PaPa helped so much by providing extra chairs and the tables. 
I think it turned out beautifully.

White paper table clothes
Burlap and lace runners from Walmart
Doilies from Fred's
Gold decorative paper plates and plastic utensils from Amazon
Napkins and gold rimmed place setting cards from Hobby Lobby

I found the sparkly candles in a random box that was from our wedding in the basement Sunday morning! Score!
The tissue Poms were also a last minute Sunday morning idea... they were SO easy! 
I will be making these again!

As for the mantle (MY FAVORITE thing to decorate!)...
ONE letter from Hobby Lobby with a glitter gold paint from Walmart (spray can glitter paint was a disaster!)
Frames- Walmart
Vases and flowers- already had
Monthly photos on dollies- I had saved this from Burke's 1st birthday... and B helped me change the blue background to pink one pretty afternoon on the front porch. :)

The cake table! 
I made the tassels and poms on the wall from tissue paper and twine.
The canopy was from Hylan's room... she doesn't use it right now because I'm afraid she would pull at it. I talked my sweet husband into making a tiny hole in the ceiling. :) He loves me.

The cake... oh it was beautiful!
Made by Pam Barnett here locally. I wanted to take the top layer off and use for her smash cake...

The gold crown topper I was going to DIY, but saw it on for 4$! #sold

It might have been a tad large. lol

As for her highchair...

William stopped by Party City on his way and grabbed my balloon order... so sweet!

The candle (not shown... but scroll down... I found at Walmart, but it was NOT in my color scheme... so paint fixed the problem. :)

We borrowed the nice highchair from Ree and PaPa, and it was decorated with a banner similar to the one above the drink station. Once again I just used the fabric to make a one and glued it onto some burlap I already had!

And just like Burke, she had to have a birthday book!

(there's that fabric again!)

I can't tell you how much Burke loves me reading him the messages people wrote to him from his birthday books. It reminds me of an annual in high school. Isn't it fun to go back and ready those times?! I figure they will be a treasure when they are old enough to appreciate them, but even now they love to hear the kind and loving blessings from people they love!

Baby girl woke up, (put her birthday crown on... haha)
 received a dose of Motrin :(, and put her party dress on! :)
Y'all... this dress.

It's by Little Bird Clothing Company, and I pretty much won the lottery in order to get it. Seriously. Ask Magan.

Hylan Marie received her first pearls!

The tiniest bracelet and add-a-pearl necklace from Ree and Papa!
One lucky girl! 
Isn't it the sweetest?!

I love the tradition of the add-a-pearl necklace! SOooooooo sweet!
Thank you Ree and Papa!


Family arrive and lots of pictures are taken with the birthday girl!

We missed a few family members, especially NaNa and PapPap. NaNa had a stroke on the 31st. Obviously it was so scary, but we are so thankful she is home now recovering. It didn't feel right not having them here with us to celebrate, so William and Stacy graciously videoed the party to share with them that afternoon. So thoughtful!

And let's just take a minute to examine all the many faces of Burke in our family shots...


(Oh! And the Happy Birthday banner was found by Ree at Hobby Lobby! Ryan used fishing line to hang it!)

and then kids slipped off into the playroom while the grown-ups finished up. :)

HM can hang with the boys. :)

Then, we sang to the birthday girl and made a wish!

smash cake time...

Only... HM did not feel like smashing anything.

She gave it a taste and then was not happy. I hate it she felt bad! I just knew she would be my baby to dig in! 

Granted... the cake may have intimidated her. :)

Hoping her smash cake photo session that's coming up will be more entertaining. :)

Instead she opted for the strawberry dipped wafers and some ice cream!

Meanwhile... daddy attempted to cut the thickest (but yummiest) cake ever.

Then it was on to presents.

She was totally into it. :)

Nanna and Paw Paw's minnie mouse car was a hit. :)
Along with a sweet outfit, little zoo animals, and a YEAR LONG MEMBERSHIP TO THE ZOO (whoohoo!)
So so thankful for these thoughtful gifts.

Hudson sure takes care of the youngest cousin!
Sweet boy!

Magan and Jon gave Hylan Marie the sweetest framed art.
I LOVE it and can't wait to hang it in her room. It's a great reminder and prayer for our little girl!

After some of the sweetest and thoughtful gifts and cutest outfits around were opened, old faithful was brought out. :)

This is the most played with toy in our house. :)
I wash it constantly. lol

Party over and our families basically cleaned the house! I love them! 

HM naps for 2 hours... then wakes up and proceeds to nap another hour on my chest. Poor baby is pitiful!

A beautiful sun set ended the day.

What a beautiful day to celebrate our beautiful daughter!

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