Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Photos 2015

For Burke's first Christmas, we had professional pictures made, and following that I've always played photographer...

Sometimes it went well, and then others, not so much (i.e.- last year). :)

I didn't want to take any chances this year, especially since it was Hylan Marie's first Christmas! 
So luckily we found a photographer in the area that was available!

We went to Old Baker Farm for the mini session with Codie Davis of White Cotton Photography. The kids were so happy and cooperative! I couldn't have asked for better! (Especially since I'm constantly haunted by the memory of Burke vomiting (because he couldn't handle a puff mind you) all over a coffee shop and his clothes. lol) But really... that session by Amy Lauda Photography are some of my most favorite photos EVER that I have of Burke and the three of us. She's amazing... if you're in the Atlanta area!

Codie did a great job too! (Find her at White Cotton Photography on FB)
My husband was particularly happen with a 20 minute session. lol

Burke's stinker face is everything. :)

All the heart eyes!!!

 This was the winner for the front of the card!

This makes me really excited to head to Hylan Marie's one year photos this weekend!
Can't wait to share!

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