Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Traditions 2015

Traditions hold a special place in my heart! And Christmas is prime time for traditions, right? But sometimes times are so busy, hectic, and often leave you wondering what in the world has this time of year turned into?!

I know that I want my children to always be able to point back to the true meaning of Christmas. I want to be  intentional with my parenting, and do my very best to lead them to want to seek Jesus!

While at Christmas Village in Birmingham, I ran across The Christmas Angel. I actually got to speak to the mom/author, and creator of this wonderful idea. (Read about it here.) It felt like the perfect thing to bring into our family traditions around this time of year, and keep our minds centered on the true meaning of Christmas!

Meet Gabe!

He showed up under our tree on December 1st!

Here are a few of the things Gabe left around the house. :)

We happened to go to AirWalk that day, and brought an extra applesauce pouch with us. Before we left he gave it to a little boy he had made friends with while jumping. :) So sweet to see him give!

Baking cookies for firefighters... which we ended up having to do a redo a week later with cousin Cade. :)

 Gabe left us stickers to add to our Christmas cards for a little something special. Burke hand choose your sticker if you received a card! :)

He was even nice enough to provide some family fun by leaving a ginger house kit. :) (Sometimes Gabe was desperate. ;)

Another tradition we incorporated this year, now that Burke is old enough to get into it, is going out to look at Christmas lights.

Right before we went out, it hit me to make it a giving back opportunity too! (I think Gabe was rubbing off on me as well. ;)

After about 20 minutes driving around town we headed over to a house I KNEW would blow Burke's mind.

They weren't home. lol

But their neighbors won Burke over with Disney characters lining the house. :) Winner!

So in went their award in the mailbox!

It was so much fun!

Other traditions... like fun breakfasts, watching Christmas movies (This year The Grinch was a favorite... along with Mickey's Christmas Carol) were highlights too. 

Of course while I was cleaning one day, I find Little Miss making "snow" as Burke laughed and encouraged her shenanigans. :)

Our awesome children's minister, "Mrs. Weswee" had an awesome spread the weekend before Christmas for the kiddos! Burke was so excited to celebrate a birthday for Jesus!

 My fellas all dressed up in their matching bow ties for church.

Love this face! He's such a little light!

After church, we went out to eat. (A rarity. :)

This is why. hahaha

No, really... she's not that bad, it's just easier to eat at home during this stage. 

My sweet babies!

And then then there was the night before Christmas...

It was our first time spending this night at home!
We will miss the sweet times in Cullman with our families, but it was special to start this tradition at our church home. 

Ree and PaPa came! 

Our friend Laura Beth loaned us this adorable Christmas tree outfit. Swoon!

It coordinated perfectly with Burke's bow tie! Which, by the way, Shireen had saved from when Ryan was this age! So cute!!! (Not sure about that pouty face though... ) ;0)

Or this...

The children's choir got to sing Silent Night at the end of the service and it was adorable. Burke belted it out for all to hear for sure! :)

Burke loves some Lilly Kate!

And then Ree took the sweetest photo to date of this little boy.

Summed up the night perfectly! I pray we show Jesus' light not just at Christmas... but through every day of our lives!

Part II of Christmas coming up next.

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