Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas morning

Well... the first couple pictures are NOT from Christmas morning... (my children do not wake up with bows in their hair, naked, and in the warm glow of Christmas lights), but I realized I had left out these gems in previous posts.

Hylan Marie wasn't too into it... she simply tolerated it. :)

And another one of these videos that don't belong in this post... but I need to dump it somewhere! :)
Burke always hides from Ryan when he walks in from work.... and this day he wanted me to wrap him up and bust out and scare him. hahaha

Now... onto Christmas morning!

Gabe left his goodbye note, and had set the table for a special Christmas morning breakfast to celebrate our Savior!

Burke woke up a little before 6am... I can't blame him, I have vivid memories of waking up super early, going through my stocking ... multiple times... before going into my brothers room and helping him go through his. :) Stockings are my favorite!

As soon as he woke up, he wanted to go see if Santa had came. It was the sweetest! Thank goodness Santa got smart and left his stocking in the bedroom. (Burke slept in our bed... and still does randomly because HM was such a terrible sleeper. Thankfully she is now only waking once a night, screams for 30 seconds, and then puts herself back to sleep! 

Ryan read the Christmas story. I love this tradition... it really sets the tone for the day ahead.

And we decided to let sister sleep and Burke to have his moment to soak in the magical morning with just the two of us.

Sister then woke up and Burke HAD to show her everything. lol

Funny story... while we were preoccupied, I look over and see Hylan Marie chewing on something. I freak out a bit... because they're parts of boxes, plastic, and such lying all over the living room. I couldn't fish anything out of her mouth... and she was happy as a lark.
Minutes later I see why... we go to check out what Santa left on his plate... and see NOTHING (Not even the two cookies with one bite taken out of each of them). lol

Guess someone had a yummy breakfast! :)

It was a Paw Patrol Christmas for Burke and Santa left Hylan Marie her first dollhouse. :)

We then let the kids open their gifts from each other. 

Burke had picked out a doll that cries, and Hylan Marie heard Burke was dying for a zippy sack. :)

Ryan and I opened up our presents from Burke...

And then they opened their three gifts from us...

Hylan Marie got a tea set and a set of nativity rubber duckies.

Burke got Paw Patrol roller skates and a little people car tower.

Their third gift was a combined present...

They love it!
We kept it indoors in the basement because of the nasty weather that day, and haven't moved it out yet! It's a great cold weather-get that energy out- activity.
Money well spent. :)

Christmas breakfast!

Daddy and Burke testing out the zippy sack. :)

After presents and breakfast, we started getting ready for company. NaNa, PapPap, Ree and PaPa dropped by for a shot visit to see all what the kids got and to wish them a Merry Christmas. :)

(That bonnet though!)
Too bad it was 75 degrees and she needed a bathing suit instead! ha!


Also... Hylan Marie really loved the dog toy we picked out for Buddy...
I figured her love for it would fade (because it makes a REALLY annoying sound)... but no... it's still one of her favorite things to play with. 

Merry Christmas. haha. 

Christmas with the Coleman's and Bartlett's next!

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