Friday, January 15, 2016

Bartlett and Coleman Christmas

 Christmas Eve Day we went to Ree and PaPa's for a yummy lunch and to celebrate together.

These two <3

A highlight in the presents department...

Cade got his first gun!

Burke got Chase!

HM got a Bitty Baby!

She insisted it be opened. :)
The girl loves her "doll-dolls" as she calls them. :)

And proceeded to give her lots of love. :)

Is that not the sweetest?

All the boys also got Plasma cars! They are so much fun!

Showing off their hard work from the night before... apparently some sprinkles made it to the cookies even after Hudson consumed a whole container. haha! And yes, the boys all spent the night at the lake on the 23rd. It REALLY helped Santa out, and they had so much fun! :)

Burke also got a Paw Patrol scooter... that he AND sister loves... but sister doesn't quite understand how to take turns... 

After our Christmas Eve service and Christmas morning at our house, we headed back to the lake for Christmas dinner with the whole family.

The next morning, we drove to Cullman for the Bartlett gatherings!

We made it to mom and dad's by 11, ate lunch, and then opened gifts.

Burke and his ginormous stocking. :) #firstgrandchildperks

Hylan Marie caught on to the present opening quite well.

Water table! 
Can't wait to use this in a few months!

Baby girl adored her zoo train... while Burke was really wanting Jon to open his "guitar" (only it wasn't a guitar) :)

Paw Patrol addiction continues. :)

She loved her church bag Jon and Magan got her. 

We later went up to Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett's and got to hang with this bunch!
(Sorry Cayden ;)

And Santa left one last surprise at Grandma and Grandpa's!
The long awaited Paw Pad. 

Tricky Santa.

We got to hang out and visit with family in Cullman, while Daddy did a lot of this!

Nash and Burke are only 6 months apart... and are so cute playing together!

Aunt Shelia doing grandmas hair (but you can't see grandma)... haha

 We visited Grandma and Grandpa Moyer.

And we finished up the holiday break with a family trip to Let's Play.
This boy loved showing daddy the ropes. :)

And then, just like that, it was time to take all the decorations down (and get the house party ready for Hylan Marie's "pink party" (as Burke calls it. :). Does anyone else feel like your house is completely bare now?!

Burke wanted to get the star off the top. :) 
That he did.

Since the Christmas, we haven't had the best start to the New Year... NaNa had a more than one stroke and was in the hospital frequently (but is doing wonderfully now! Thank you for the prayers!), HM was sick on her birthday, I got pink-eye, we had a (false ... Praise the Lord!) lead test scare at Hylan Marie's one year visit, and our car was broken into. 

Things will be looking up soon, I know it!
We're comin' for you 2016!

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