Monday, January 18, 2016

One Year with Hylan Marie

At a whooping 4 pounds 12 ounces, and picture perfect birth (here), we welcomed the quietest addition to our family (at least for the first moments of your life.) :) You didn't scream out like your brother, but sounded like a little puppy whining while you were cleaned up and checked out. :)

Your Big Brother Burke has adored you from the start. And those moments he doesn't (when I find him trapping you in our collapsable tunnel, or putting everything in the playroom out of your reach), and I threaten to find another big brother that will take good care of you... he tears up and begs for you to stay HIS baby sister. :)

It is no lie that life with two is a big big change. In the beginning, life was crazy, busy, tiring, and hilariously entertaining... all at the same time. (See photo below.)

You ate every two hours for what seemed like months (but was really weeks) and didn't like to sleep more than three hours at a time. You had me fooled around the three month mark... you know, when you slept through the night for about a month and a half... but you quickly changed your tune and were dead set on not letting me sleep for the rest of the year. ;)

Now... Now we are on two feedings a day (once around 5:30am and the other before bed at 7:30pm) and you sleep so so so SO much better. You only wake around 12:30, cry for 30seconds, and then go back to sleep until the wee hours of 5:30am.... I have a feeling that wake time will change too once you are no longer wanting that morning feeding.

But, want to know a secret?

I look forward to 5:30am.

It's the last thread of our nursing journey we have left, and it is so special. I can tell it's the only one you still "need," and that's not out of comfort (because I can tell the PM feeding is) and I'll take it.
It's only been about a month that I started trying to lessen our nursing sessions, and it's gone better than I ever could have imagined. 

I'm so proud of you and me. Since we pretty much exclusively BF (because let's all remember your hate of a bottle), we really haven't been apart more than a few hours. I do look forward to rewarding myself with a little "I EXCLUSIVELY NURSED FOR A YEAR" vacation soon, but I know I will feel lost without you. We definitely had our ups and downs in this department, but overall it has been wonderful, and I'm so glad my body was able to help you grow into the heavyweight you are now ;0).

At your one year visit you weighed 16lbs 4oz and were 27inches long. On your birthday (please excuse the fact that this post is almost 2 weeks overdue), you only had two bottom teeth, but the top four were making themselves known (you were a mess!). Now three have broken through and are starting to show when you smile. :D It's changing your baby look already!

 Having such few teeth had nothing to do with your awesome eating abilities... you can eat almost anything. Your favorites are grapes, turkey, Peanut Butter Ritz crackers, kiwi, green beans, any bread, tomatoes, french fries (shhh... that one I'm embarrassed about), dressing... really... you will eat anything. The only foods that I have found you dislike are broccoli and... well that's the only one I guess. (I don't blame you.) You love a casserole and an ice cream sandwich (shhh... that's another one... they say you are more laid back with the second one... I can attest- that's true.) :) #mybabylovesfries

You are such a fast mover.
I think it's one reason why you give up on walking because it doesn't seem fast enough for you. :)

However, you can get it with a walker too, and you LOVE to be chased.:)

I think you are so smart and understand almost everything we ask you to do.

And you may love bath time. :)

You are such a giggly girl.... except when you are trying to hold hour own with brother- and then you scream. lol

You HATE being told "no." You give the biggest pouty face and cry huge tears!.. but you listen! (for now.) You also hate diaper changes and the changing table in general, and the act of putting on clothes. 

You say "hi"(to EVERYONE you see), "bye", "dada", "doll-doll"

And boy, do you love your dolls!
You have to have one to sleep with and it's the first thing you ask for in the morning, after you are picked up out of your crib by yours truly- of course. 

You can make the sound of a monkey and turkey on demand.

You can also point to eyes, nose, mouth, and toes.

Speaking of toes... you LOVE "this little piggy" and try to do it yourself too! ha!

Your little personality is showing itself... it looks to me that you have a BIG one. 
You are a lot of drama with even more sweet. In other words, you can throw your head back in disgust at the fact that I can't get food onto your tray fast enough, but also want to cuddle under my chin on the couch- all within minutes of each other. You tell someone like it is (i.e. yell at them) if they have something you want, but at the same time you will offer someone food you are eating.... You sport #allthebows with little complaint and are happy playing with girly girly toys, but at the same time will grab one of Burke's toy cars and start making engine noises or will grab a ball and chunk it better than your bother.

You are a good mix of it all, and I love every part of you.

It's been a wonderful year watching you grow. It has been full of, tears, laughter, family, friends, firsts, lasts, and priceless moments that I will be thankful I documented because I feel like I don't remember a thing. :) I am so thankful I am your momma-I thank The Lord for lending you to me for a short while.


For this child, we have prayed. ~ 1 Samuel 1:27

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