Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hylan's birth story

Today marks a week since we welcomed a sweet new addition to our family!
Hylan Marie Coleman
4lbs 12oz.
18 in. long
Born at 8:38am on 
January 3rd, 2015

Everything, from deciding on a name, the pregnancy, and her birth story are so very different from Burke's (which you can read here), as I suppose is the first of many "differences" I will experience as a mom of my two most precious gifts!

Here is your birth story Hylan Marie.

Friday, January 2nd, 2015
I had no idea the next morning we would be making this guy a big brother. We were planning on going to Build-a-Bear the next day so Burke could make a teddy bear to give to his baby sister when she arrived and take him for a round at Chucky Cheese. :) Just a fun, big brother initiation I suppose. Needless to say, we didn't make it. :)

The night was very typical... I laid down with Burke around 8:30am, reading bed time stories, saying our prayers, and lots of snuggling with my favorite little boy. I always intend to get up right after Burke falls asleep, but rarely follow through with it. :) As most nights, I had fallen asleep with him in the bottom bunk, and woke up around 12:30am.

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
 As I walked to our bedroom (with a potty break I'm sure), I noticed Ryan had fallen asleep on the couch watching basketball. I turned the T.V. off, asked him if he wanted to come to bed (which he probably will not remember because he was out of it), and then I went on to bed. I hadn't been sleeping from about 1am-4am the past couple weeks, and that night was no exception. So I was on my phone (probably adding to my to-do list or pinning something on Pinterest) when I thought I peed on myself. :) So, I got out of bed, changed pajamas, and marked that one up for "there's a first time for everything." It did cross my mind, that it might have been my water breaking, but with my last experience, I felt a little "pop" like a rubber band inside me when my water broke (see Burke's story to see how to self induce. ;)

It was 3am when I climbed back into bed and went back to my very important pinning when I felt something much more was about to happen. So I jumped (as fast as a pregnant person can jump) out of bed, and made it to the door before water works happened. As I was heading to the bathroom, I snapped my fingers and yelled at Ryan that my water had broken! He jumped up and I noticed when I came out of the bathroom that he was practically ready to go, had the car started, and was fixing to get Burke up. 

Now... if you know where we live, we are basically two blocks from the hospital. In my mind, this gives me 1-2 hours to labor at home and get things together before leisurely making my way there.... Ryan's mind: This is a medical emergency, which needs immediate attention.

Yeah... we didn't really talk about what we would do if my water broke. :)

So I told Ryan I was in NO rush to get there... as my contractions were very faint and far apart... like 6 minutes, and I wanted to take a shower to shave my legs. It would also give Burke more time to sleep. 

We definitely had an argument on our hands... I did get that shower, legs shaved, and tried to hurry gathering my last minute toiletries into my bags under the glare of my husband. :)

We were walking out the door, around 4:30, with Burke, in his pi's, and half asleep. We arrived at the hospital at 4:32. :) 

Ryan dropped me off at the entrance, I walked in but couldn't figure out where labor and delivery was... so I checked in at the emergency room window. They slapped an identification bracelet on me and sent us on our way with bad directions... it was a maze! Burke was still pretty out of it and half asleep on Daddy's shoulder. 

We finally made it to our destination. When they checked me for the first time I was 5cm dilated. This kind of surprised me. My contractions were not bad at all, and I was pretty comfortable. I told them I wanted an epidural (even though I considered trying the natural thing out because it was so bearable at the moment and I was already a 5... I quickly snapped back to reality and decided it would get much, MUCH more painful later.) 

The anesthesiologist, Dr. G (aka. best buddy) walked in around 7:30 sipping a Diet Mountain Dew. :) I knew I had waken him up on a cold Saturday morning, when all you really want to do is hide under your covers and not force caffeine into your veins. However, he was just in time, because as soon as he got the epidural in me, my contractions had gotten a lot worse. They checked me and I was complete! It was time to push! So different from my previous experience. Burke was an all day event!

The nurse who was helping Dr. G asked me to push with her a couple of times (this did make me a bit nervous... as there was no doctor in the room yet, but I guess she knew what she was doing? I didn't ask questions.) All of a sudden, she said she needed to get the doctor, and to stop pushing. A couple minutes later Dr. B and two other nurses came in, put on their paper gowns and more coverage over me (Ryan was thankful, as he had to basically hide behind the bed while holding my hand in order NOT to see lol), and told us the last nurse got sick and had to be wheeled to the ER! (1. Did I traumatize her? 2. I'm so sorry.) Nonetheless... the process began. I pushed for about 20 minutes, and out came Miss Hylan Marie at 8:38am.

She didn't scream initially. 
She sounded more like a puppy whining... I instantly noticed how very small she was! I prayed that she was okay, and as soon as they checked her out and took her vitals they said she was perfect. If their had been something wrong, she would have been perfect. God made her... why would I doubt His handy work?

As soon as they put her on me I knew that she was mine. She looked just like her brother... just a mini version. :)

My greatest gifts on this earth!

Another little miracle! 

After delivery, I found out that the two nurses who helped delivery, typically work in the nursery! I KNOW they didn't sign up to see all that they saw, but I sure am thankful! All the staff at the hospital were just amazing. We were the only ones having a baby that morning (night and day from our experience at the baby factory- Northside ... which was good too... just really busy and by the book!), and were given so much attention and special care. From the sweet bow hat that nurse Beth made to doctors that stopped by to check on Hylan and me... it was an amazing experience, and I am SO glad I choose to stay close to home to deliver!

Then Ryan went and got Burke. He was the first one to meet her. You could kind of see the wheels spinning in his mind when we told him baby sister, who was in mommy's belly, was now here... for him to see!

Then the rest of the family came in to meet her.


Nana (and I just realized I don't have a picture of daddy (Paw Paw) holding her! )


Ree and PaPa

Daddy's girl already.

Burke went to the Auburn basketball game with Ree, PaPa, and Cade, and left us to get to know baby girl. I was so glad he got a little special treatment, since all the attention was on baby sister that morning. After the game, they headed to Cullman, where he would then sleep 13 hours straight. The boy makes up for lost sleep I tell you! (Hylan, I hope you follow in your brother's footsteps in this area for sure!)
Ryan spent the night at the hospital the first night (he actually had a bed in this room! Unlike at Northside where he basically slept on a glorified window sill. :)

The following day more friends and family came to visit, and Burke was brought back to us!




Stacy and William

I'm pretty sure this ranks up there with my favorite moments. Burke just stared at her... as if taking her all in.

My heart could burst!

NaNa and PapPap... and a ham.

Ree and PaPa

Magan and Jon brought Burke a really neat puzzle... he wanted everyone to play it with him. :)

Ree made baby girl a hospital wreath!

Sunday night, Ryan and Burke went home to get some rest. Burke did use the phrase "Momma, you go with me to my house?" Which basically just tears your heart out. He is adjusting to baby sister so well, I just hope I can handle sharing myself between the two of them. 

They showed back up at the hospital bright and early. Burke held baby sister again, and we played with his new big brother toys people had given him. Burke started to get a bit stir crazy and he and daddy began playing with the bed (and driving our nurses crazy, I'm sure!)

By 11:00 we had signed papers and were ready to check out! We were actually nervous they wouldn't let us go home, because she had dropped to 4 lbs 6oz. Yep... scary small to me too! None-the-less they let us go home with the tiniest baby I've ever held.

EVERY piece of clothing is too big for Hylan. Not just a little big... a lot big. I had ordered a special going home outfit, but it SWALLOWED her... and Ree had gotten her one recently that was just precious and didn't quite fit as big, so I went with it. (thanks Ree!) Eventhough it ate her whole, I still think she looked absolutely precious!

Family of four!

Compare to her brother:

Twins, right?

Hylan Marie, you are surrounded by people that love and cherish you already. You have been molded and made perfectly by our God! I can not wait to see you laugh with your big brother (as he is already smitten with you!), make disciplining you unbearably tough on your daddy with your sweet eyes and pouty lips, and for you to cuddle on the couch with me on cold, rainy days... but for now, I am savoring your smallness. Your sweet sounds, stretches, limp little body, and newborn smell that will be gone before I know it.

You are precious in His sight, and mine. xoxo

1 Samuel 1:27–28
"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." (NIV)

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