Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

More pics of events leading up to Christmas...

He spent the night at NaNa and Paw Paws.

He and Buddy (my parents' dog) are good buddies now. :)

And he always enjoys doing his farm chores, 

and making goodies and decorating gingerbread houses!

 He had a Christmas party at "school."

Mrs. Mandy had wonderful festive things planned at the library. Mrs. Clause even came to read to us one day!

 And we made cookies for our friends at Morning Glory! (Don't worry... those gems he's working on were kept at our house for Santa.)

 We had many a visits with Santa... including this surprise at Home Depot. LOL

And would you know... Christmas Eve, Santa decided to visit us early! Next up... our Christmas morning.

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