Thursday, January 1, 2015

The post that's not about the new year...

because I'm not finished with 2014! 

I said I wouldn't stay up to welcome 2015....

and then God sent contractions. 

Don't worry... I had another night filled with these recently, and it went away by 4am. I'm pretty sure this is a repeat. (Don't laugh if your Facebook feed is consumed with pics of Hylan in a few hours.) 

I decided to blog while everyone else sleeps. So I can mark something off my list. Did I mention my bags aren't packed? First thing in the morning... promise.

2014 was a great year, but due to super busy times, I didn't get around to posting much of the past week... and HELLO? Christmas? So here's an attempt to catch up... as documenting is important to me and hangs over my head (and yes, is on my to-do list) before baby girl arrives... in say... today. (I kid.... hopefully.)

Anyway, here goes...

We had some super fun outings in the last week or so!

I believe it all started with a girls night out and a boys Auburn basketball game. Ryan scooped Burke up after work, and headed to Alex City to pick up Wes and Cade for a late Wednesday night game. (It started at 8!) However, with PaPa and Ree having scholarship section seats, you don't want to miss out on the good food provided before hand! I LOVE going to the basketball games, and would to have gone, but we had a girls night planned... and that I have found they never disappoint! I have professed my love for these ladies already (so I'll spare you), but we had a great time! So blessed to have them in my life!

We also attended Cade's Christmas play.
(Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture...(upgrade in progress! WHOOHOO! My iphone4 isn't cutting it anymore.) He's the blonde. :)

They served us dinner after the play. It was ADORABLE, and he delivered his line perfectly!

(Insert random photo of Burke and I sharing in a wonderful mother/son moment.) He loves that I crave sweets during this pregnancy. :)

My brother turned 28 on Dec. 20th. So instead of celebrating with a nice dinner, we went to Zoo Light Safari. Ha.
It's just what happens when you get older, and your birthday is around Christmas I guess... sorry Jon. :) No, but really... Burke loves his uncle!

And other pics from the night...

He went down The Slide.. twice (and would have over and over if we let him... but it was cold!)
Last time, at Boo at the Zoo, he didn't meet the height requirement... I'm thinking he found a weak link at the gate. :)

Burke and I also attended another Auburn basketball game. I knew I had to get one in before baby girl arrived. Ryan was pooped from our weeks nightly events (His work Christmas party, Auburn B-ball game, and zoo light safari + working) so it was PaPa, Wes, Cade, Burke, and I. Boy was I glad I went... it was an awesome game! I'm loving Bruce Pearl (check out my bobble head)! :)

The Monday before Christmas, we went to the McWane with friends- Summer and Payne, Odessa and Addie, and Mandy, J.C. Olivia, Eva, and some of their friends. While we didn't get to hang out with Mandy and her crew as much (since they are a bit older and probably didn't find digging in pho dirt to find dinosaur bones to be the best thing ever... we kinda had to split up.) But it was a great break from marking off "to-do's" of the list, and was enjoyable to catch up with friends and enjoy our kiddos.

Burke rode the zip line by himself! I actually didn't think they would let him because he's so small, but I think they were taken back that he just walked up there and grabbed the rope, that they let him pass through!

At the end of the visit, the kids got in the wind tunnel. It was all fun and games for until...

it reached above 60+ winds. :)

We all ate at Mellow Mushroom to cap off the day, and headed back to Sylacauga. 
SO much fun.

All in all, we were busy doing wonderfully fun things leading up to Christmas!

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