Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pregnancy updates

Today I am 36 weeks!

The end is near... (not that you have to tell me that. My body is doing a stellar job.) 

This pregnancy has been so much better from a stress stand point. The only hiccup we have had is that she's measuring small. This started around 32 weeks, when my belly started measuring under "average" (I DON'T SEE HOW... AS I FEEL HUGE!). They ordered a growth scan, and confirmed that she is about 2 weeks behind on her measurements (except her legs... go figure). She was in the 51%ile (this may make me look dumb, but is 50% not average???... so you smart people out there, can you explain why she's not in a lower percentage if she's "behind" on the growth chart?), and they estimated her weight to be 3 lbs 10 oz back then. All in all, they said she looked great, and I must just have small babes (remember Burke was 5 lbs 6 oz at full term). At today's visit they ordered another growth scan for next week to check on her size again.

I am ok with this.

Perfectly... ok. (As long as she is screaming and crying when I meet her and a healthy baby!)

What is different this go-around?


With Burke I felt great, BUT he was SOOOO low, I felt like he was going to fall out of me most of the time! (Hence the problems...) With Hylan... she's high and low (If that makes any sense...basically she's stretched out, showing off her cute self) and puts me in all kinds of pain when I TRY to sleep. 

For instance- turning over in bed feels like I'm about to die. Not actually die, but my back cracks when I try (and I mean try), and I have to get my momentum going (by rocking side to side) to get-er-done. My hips HURT if I stay in one position too long, and she is using my ribs as her personal kicking bags (Yes, kicking. Her head is LOW and her toes reach my ribs :) I've actually checked for bruising!)

Other facts:
- She loved to nestle in the right side of my belly more than the left when she had more room to roam.
-When she kicks I don't just feel it in one spot... it's usually two places at the same time. It's kinda funny when I envision her movements in my head... but doesn't feel real funny. :)
- I'm now reaching to my husbands side of the closet for tee shirts that fit (and sometimes that doesn't even work out :/... #skinnyhusbandproblems)
- Have not bought any new maternity clothes despite being bigger this go around! Instead, I've invested in some great new leggings (they are fleece lined and oh, so cozy!) In the store the black were only $8 I think! I also bought a grey pair for 12$.

(you can get them here), 

-I've bought a few shirts that are tunics now... 

that will be dresses later.
(Sorry for the sad phone pic... but I love this new shirt. It's from a precious boutique here in town, Buttons and Bows. It has a flannel insert at the back and a flannel pocket  on the front (you can kinda see it in the pic)... I think it will be a favorite even after I'm deflated. :)

-The kids room is not finished, but oh so close! I know what I need... but having a hard time finding it. The whole shared room thing is a bit of a challenge! I will post pics as soon as it's complete! With Burke, I believe it was finished by this point, but I also didn't have another child to attend to! 
- Hospital bags are NOT packed. However, I will be making sure I have everything in Libby to go to the hospital in case of an emergency when we go to Cullman for Christmas.... as I'll be 37 weeks.
-Car seat is installed!
- Lots of things are washed and ready (blankets, bedding), but not her clothes. I think I'll do this right before we leave for Cullman.

Trying to get ready for Christmas AND prepping for a baby to enter the world is quite exhausting, but with every checkmark I make on "the list" I feel weights being lifted. :) I'm looking forward to fun times ahead... girls night (headed there now!), Zoo Light Safari tomorrow, Ryan's office Christmas party Friday, and a weekend at home to get ready for the Christmas week and hopefully finish up most of my nesting chores on the weekend! Busy and festive times, but in a great way. 

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