Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hudson turns one!

Last Saturday we celebrated Hudson's 1st birthday... reindeer style!

I can't believe it's been a year since this precious boy arrived! He lights up the room! 

As always, Danielle did an amazing job with his party! 

The Food

 Grilled hotdogs weren't put out yet... and that pot... PapPap and NaNa's famous chili. yummmm

They also set up a photo-op area with Santa Claus. So so cute.

And crafts for the 108,498,031 kids. :)
I guess when you have a big brother who has "big" friends, you have to make sure to keep them happy and busy! The basement was kid central too... with LOTS of games for them to play. (Note: I did not step foot in that arena. :) Pulled the pregnant card... fast.)

Oh... Santa, you look familiar! :)
 Papa took one for the team... considering he was scheduled to have his gallbladder removed the following Wednesday! 

Burke didn't even catch on that it was PaPa under that white beard.... but Cade straight called him out! It was hilarious.

 Burke and NaNa comparing noses.

 I think it made him cross eyed. :)

But he loves an accessory. :)

 Sweet boy!

 He got into the cake, and loved it!

Happy Birthday Hudson! You are such a blessing in our lives. We look forward to many more fun times ahead!

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