Friday, December 5, 2014

Tis the season...

and yes... I totally skipped over Thanksgiving! :/ The main reason is I neglected to use my camera... let's just say the food was good and my hands were busy. :) It was a wonderful time filled with family, lots of food, and football. (With the unfortunate loss to that other team. :( However, I was pretty please with how our Tigers played... their defense was fierce, but it's always hard to loss to bama.)

So let's skip right to the Christmas season, shall we?

We experienced our first ride to the North Pole! 

It was recommend to me by a friend I used to teach with, and we were not disappointed! It is in Calera, which took us about 40 min. to get there.

This is how these sweet cousins greet each other. :) 
(Matching pj's from Ree!)

They spotted the train!

Getting his ticket punched.

 Hudson says "Move over boys, it's my photo shoot."

Once on the train, we sang along to Christmas tunes and listened to a Christmas story.

Elves visited all the kiddos.

Proceded by Mr. and Mrs. Claus themselves. :) 

Burke was completely in awe.

Then we had chocolate milk and cookies... 

which lead to a serious dance party!

 We are at the point where getting B to look and smile at the camera at the same time is like pulling teeth!

Each kiddo was given an ornament. What a good souvenir! 

Like I said... like pulling teeth... this is as good as it gets! :)

What a great time we had! I just love watching these two with each other. They sure love each other to pieces!

More Christmas posts to come!

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