Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I kinda feel like I've fallen off the blogging band wagon... but before I go to bed tonight, I just had to post. Mostly because I just got back from a girls night/shower for Hylan... and I can tell you, 1) she will be dressed to the nines (as I have been drooling over the ADORABLE gifts for about an hour in my dining room floor), and 2) how in awe I am of these women! This time of year always makes you reflect on what you are thankful for... and I can assure you, these ladies are at the top of my list.

We have been here for such a short time, and they have made me feel so welcomed... so loved. There are definitely some girls missing from this picture that I have come to know, and Burke has come to make friends with their children as well. To see God's hands working in our lives, in bringing us among these wonderful ladies, their children, and families, is nothing short of His handy work.

Just a few things (besides the amazing peeps above) that I am rejoicing in right now...

- For my Savior. This life is so temporary, and I have joy in my heart knowing that I will be living in His presence beyond my days that are numbered on this earth. What an amazing God we serve ... to deserve such a gift.

Our church. We haven't joined... but I know it's the place for us. Once again... we have felt so welcomed, loved, and we can see opportunities for us to help serve others and spread the Wonderful News of God's grace and love to others. 

- My family. From my amazing husband, to the most lovable little boy I know, to our families who support us in all we do... 

- Friends. The ones both near... and far. Those who I went to high school with, twirled with, played sports with, went to church with, taught school with, or just met.... all these people have changed me, for the better, in some way.

- The list can go on and on, ... Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!
Psalm 106:1 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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