Thursday, January 15, 2015

To my big boy

Dear Burke,

Stop it. Stop it now!

You recently have been growing... at an alarming rate. You are heavy. You have never been heavy to me, and I promise it's not because baby sister is so small.

Your knee caps are larger. Your feet are wider. Even your head is bigger.

Stop it!

Your vocabulary is amazing. You say things out of the blue, like "mmm that's tasty." Or you tell me things like "Daddy says I just hold on to the rail, not have to hold your hand mommy." when going down to the basement. When have I said something was "tasty" and when did you get too big to hold my hand?!

Truth is... I really don't want you to stop doing these amazing things, or growing, or learning.... I love seeing you in this new light, as a big brother, growing into a little boy instead of the toddler I know so well.

You have been so good with Hylan. I haven't seen jealousy (YET), but I have noticed you use the phrase "Come play with me." more often, and more often than not, my answer has had to be... "I will as soon as I finish feeding baby sister." I know you are tired of hearing that, but friends tell me that it gets easier. She won't eat every two hours forever. :)

I want you to know how much you are loved... and missed. Yes, missed. Since Hylan has arrived I have missed you. I miss our naps together in the afternoon. I miss giving you my undivided attention in a game of Go Fish. I REALLY miss putting you to bed at night, and you pulling me close to put your arm around my neck before you fall asleep. I know you're mine (and may be slightly biased)... but I do believe you are the sweetest little boy, and I'm so glad God has given us the privilege of raising you (along with our village!). You are smart, witty, funny, empathetic, cuddly and loving, and my favorite little boy in the whole. wide. world.

Love you,

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