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Christmas 2014 (part II)

Please ignore the fact that it is mid January, and I'm recapping Christmas. But there was quite the family event around here on Jan. 3rd, plus Christmas, PLUS the taking down and putting away Christmas decorations (that, lets face it... makes your home feel as if the Grinch visited your house... but left the crumbs.... or hoards of pine needles.)

So, in continuing from the last Christmas post, Santa visited our house on Christmas Eve's Eve. And as tradition has it... we open one present (which is always the same... pajamas, movie, sippy cup, hot cocoa, and popcorn to enjoy that night.

Ryan had been wanting a pair of footy pjs for a LONG time. 
Needless to say, he was excited. :) (Don't worry... I left out the sippy cup from his box.)

Father and son matching fleece camo footed pajamas. 
They were so proud. :)

Annnnd then I had to hide them so Burke would put on his actual Christmas pajamas... (call me mean, but I need this cutie ready for pictures right when he wakes up!)

Christmas is always special, but this one had special significance behind it because it was Burke's last Christmas as an only child! Tear. 
We put out reindeer food, set out cookies and milk, watched The Grinch, and went to bed (except for Santa... I think he was up late putting together some last minute toys. :) 

The next morning, Burke found Santa left him just what he asked for (since October): A bike, whistle, and a football. (I hope his wish list always includes a $.99 toy.) 

He was soooo excited. 
However, I don't have one picture with him and his bike! We recorded it on our video camera, only to find out that it didn't record. :/

Burke's reaction to seeing his shiny blue Schwinn tricycle was priceless. One I will not forget. 
Then he opened a few small presents from us, one of which had been bugging him since I wrapped it and put it under the tree. It was an Olaf that talks when you move him... well you can guarantee that that particular box looked like it had been through a lot by the time Christmas Eve rolled around seeing as how he would shake it every single day. :) (see picture of sad box below.) 
Before he opened it, we asked him what he thought it was, and he was right on the money. :) 

Testing out his new shaving kit before we headed to Cullman.

That night we went to Ree and PaPa's Christmas Eve service (which is always such a blessing!) and then headed back to their house to put out cookies and milk for Santa... once again. :) 

I got Ryan to take a picture (of what would unknowingly be the last belly shot), at 38 weeks in front of Ree's tree.

Christmas morning, Burke woke up (Ree and PaPa were already up), and decided that in order to get Cade and the others moving he would turn on "the bells." The child LOVES them. They are a little set (of elves I think) that play Christmas tunes on bells... and are LOUD. 

It didn't take long for the rest of the house to be up.
First we read the Christmas story, and then got positioned for everyone to come down stairs to start the chaos!

Love these little toes!

Sweet cousins, Cade and Hudson.

One present that Ree and PaPa got Burke that stood out was a set of instruments and a band uniform. 
Yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds! He LOVES it.

So did the rest of the gang!
Shireen framed Ryan's architecture license. 

And we tried to get a group shot of the boys by the tree post presents...

it didn't really work out like we wanted. 

A little better!

Here's my little drum major. :)

After enjoying the morning, we got ready and headed to Paw Paw and Nanna's house.

He got a drum set! 
Can you tell he likes music???

Loving the Melissa and Doug barn he got from Jon and Magan!

We then visited Grandma and Grandpa Moyer's house.

And then conked out before we could get out of the driveway... while playing two instruments. :)

Then it was back to Ree and PaPa's for Christmas dinner. (Yes, this is all in one day, and yes, we were extremely full!)
We had a great family pic made outside, but I don't have it on my camera. I'll post it here once I get it!

Sweet Griffin and Shanda.

After dinner, the boys opened even more presents. Burke was so excited to add to his instrument collection...
he kept hugging his guitar from Stacy and William. :)

The next night we celebrated with my Bartlett family. It's always a good time. Somehow we cram our big family into my grandparents house! We laugh way too much playing dirty Santa, and the kids all have fun playing with each other and their gifts.

My cousin Amy had the great idea to take our family shot outside this year. It turned out so good! Too bad we were missing Magan (she was sick) and my dad (who was trying to kill THE buck of the season). 

That Saturday, Ryan left for his annual hunting trip with his dad and brother, and I went with some of my favorite high school friends for a girls day (that really consisted of eating... all. day. long.) plus a pedi. and trip to a baby store for some last necessities before baby girls arrival. We get together twice a year, so these times are so special! It's always great to catch up, eat too much, and laugh A LOT. So thankful for their friendship!

Monday, Burke and I drove back to Sylacauga, and the next day we started taking down Christmas decor. 

However, Burke did not quite understand the concept of "taking down"... instead he was behind me putting the ornaments back ON the tree.

What a special Christmas. Watching it through a two year old's eyes was so much fun! I look forward to celebrating next year with a family of four!

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