Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

Today it's all about my awesome friends, their talents, and gifts! And who am I kidding... a few lot of pictures of my kids thrown in at the end. :)

So many of my friends have started their own business, own their own business, or have wonderful God given talents and are using them to their full capacity... I'm only going to share two with you today, but I'm going to try to share more of my gal pals and their businesses every Friday until Christmas!

 If you are looking for a Christmas gift, a happy for yourself, or your child... look no further. These women can hook you up.

First up...

My friend, Odessa, started her own shop. It's all things cute at a steal of a price. She has three beautiful girls and is in the process of moving, so her Etsy shop (which you should add to your favorites now!) stock is low, but if you are local, she has a booth at the Pickle Patch and at Yoder downtown and her website is stocked (

Y'all... she MADE these (and personally brought them to my house... and threw in two extra that I don't have a picture of :/). How sweet is she?!

I told her she has to teach me, but why mess up something she has nailed?... I'll just let her keep making and I'll keep buying. :)

Denim love!

LOVE this button!

They are my new FAVORITES! And would you know they were only 8$!

You better believe I will be having her custom make something for Hylan as soon as she is settled and ready for business!

She is always offering adorable outfits, hats, scarves (like some of the most gorgeous ones for 12$ last year), accessories, ... you name it and prices that you can't beat, and the quality is always on point!

Some of my favorites that she has online now (which may or may not be on my personal Christmas list) are below. :)

The blanket scarf... don't have one, but if I did- it would be this one!

See it HERE

And I have a love for a poncho!
This one is so perfect, for such a steal!

See it HERE

And yes, her stuff is amazing... but her customer service, and sweet helpful spirit is what keeps me coming back to her more and more! (Like... she is in the middle of moving and filled my desperate need of suspenders for Burke's Halloween costume... and then again helped me out when I was short a bow tie for my little man a week later ... and still moving.) She's nothing short of amazing!

So make sure to find her on Instagram (@cornbreadandcoffeeboutique), Etsy, and if you are local you are super lucky because you can see her stuff in person at Pickle Patch or Yoder downtown!

 Next up... another FAVORITE...

My fellow co-worker and friend, Katina, started this business that I believe is taking off like wildfire. She is an art teacher/teacher of the year/artist/decorator... basically super stylish and cool. :)

If I'm EVER in a bind and need a unique gift that I know someone will absolutely LOVE I message her. :) She always has the perfect thing!

Here are some things I've bought for gifts!

(Mine says "Eat Dessert First"... my life motto and GeGe's too. :)

They are very affordable and so unique!

Follow her on instagram @vintageroux or visit her website at

Ok... now ... on to some FAVORITES from this week!

My people and our FAVORITE socks. :)
(All came from!)

I know this was a FAVORITE moment for Ryan...
not much sweeter than a sleeping baby on your chest.

However, the actual reason we were at Children's (getting tubes) was not so much a favorite.

She did amazing during the procedure and bounced back like it was no big deal. Just was drowsy most of Tuesday... I accepted extra cuddles. :)

 While we were tending to baby girl, brother was having a ball. Ree and PaPa so graciously asked him to spend the night at the lake on Monday, since we had to be in Birmingham by 5:45am. (THANK YOU!)
He got to surprise one of his FAVORITE people at school the next day!

These two though!

I loved seeing these pictures!

Another favorite...

Savoring her little feet in my first shoes one last time (*tear!)

Sweet feet in satin and lace Mary Jane's. It doesn't get any more precious.

So thankful mom saved these for me to pass down... and me onto Hylan...

Wednesday, was Veteran's Day!
Have I mentioned this town is our FAVORITE?

We had a great parade and watched it with the best of friends.
Look at these sweet kids!

Then Burke's day continued to be made with an invitation to watch a movie with Cade. It was his first time and I think he had a great time!
I know it was a FAVORITE memory of this week!

I am so thankful for those that served and serve currently so we can enjoy days like this.
#landofthefreehomeofthebrave is my FAVORITE.

Have a great weekend!

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