Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

At the top of the FAVORITE list...

When Burke first started school this year, he made it a point to bring me a rock EVERY time they went to the playground For about two months straight, three days a week, I received my rock. 

The first time he did it... I thought, awe, that was sweet- and threw it in the cup holder of Libby. 
I would soon find that he would do this EVERY TIME they went to the playground. 

It was more than a rock because it told me he was thinking of me, maybe even missing me, or looking to make me feel special... any of these would make a momma cry. :)
I would set him into his carseat or Bob after school, and he would get the sweetest grin on his face, then say "I got you sompin!"
I have come to treasure my collection.

Because guess what... those rocks don't come every time he goes to school now. This tells me his mind is on other things- playing make believe, making friends, running around like a wild man... but on those days, like this Wednesday- when he pulls out a small pebble from his pocket... I tear up a little.
 #momliferocks (pun intended) 

Another Friday Favorite...
This girl!

I've only been working with Emmie for about a year. She works hard and dreams big. Qualities I love!

She made the SHS majorette line Thursday night! So proud of her and all the other beautiful girls that tried out!

This is going to be a fabulous line. Last year, they were the sweetest to work with- loved every minute.
Congrats girls!

Another favorite are seeing these pearls...
on that little wrist...

We also played dress up this week in honor of signing day!
One of our daily FAVORITE things to do. :)

And this girl is so funny about walking... she can do it... but chooses to crawl most of the time.

It's our FAVORITE thing to watch when she does. :)

We had a girls night to celebrate the three expecting mommas of the group! Girl time is my FAVORITE!
I just can't wait to meet their precious ones!!!

We had some of our FAVORITE people over for dinner this week- the sweet Lucas Family!

Lexi pushing around Hylan like she was a baby doll was a FAVORITE! She looked just like her Bitty Baby being toted around. :)

Sweet kiddos!

Hylan is doing so many new things... which is a FAVORITE to watch.
She tries to color (and eat the crayons), but if you give her actual food while she is drawing she will choose the tastier of the two. :)

She also, LOVES to be laughed at.
Like... if she is doing something bad (see below) and you crack a smile, she will continue to do it FOREVER.

Looks like we have another clown. 

She also has started pretending! I don't remember Burke doing this till much later, but she will play like she is eating or drinking when she is by herself. It's precious!

And strolling her "doll dolls
 is another FAVORITE thing to do.

Another FAVORITE is seeing this boy become so smart.
(Please ignore the fact it's in our bathroom! lol... He was waiting on me to finish brushing my teeth.)

I just love to hear his little voice read with expression!

He has also been writing his name so well, and I'm so proud of him!

Oh... and then there's this:
Her FAVORTIE is finding Hershey kisses. :)

And I thought I would share my FAVORITE bible verse that I've taken away from our bible study on Nehemiah and that I've mediated on during my quiet time this week is 

1 Corinthians 9:19~ Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone. To win as many as possible.

What a great reminder from Paul on how to live our lives-  to put ourselves last, to empower others, so others see Christ! I fail so often... thank goodness for GRACE.

That's it for Friday Favorites!!!

Looking forward to a fun weekend celebrating Cade turning 7 and cheering on Newt Newt and the Panthers in the Super Bowl!
 Have a blessed one!

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