Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Recap- dishwasher edition (kind of)

Besides Hylan teaching some baton lessons... 
(Good luck Emmie!)

Taking in this unseasonably warm weather with friends...

doing chores...

and observing God's sky paintings...

We finally did something we should have done right when we moved into this house....

Y'all, my husband (Sorry, Ryan- I know you read ;) tried to tell me that he believes dishwashers will go OUT OF STYLE (crazy man). Mind you... this is after he had dismantled the kitchen and we were fixing to head to Home Depot, so he still knows the way to my heart. But I'm just saying- it was "mentioned" that it's not efficient, energy conserving, and everyone is downsizing and living smaller and that would be one of the things "to go." (Does he know it was invented in the late 1800''s??? And was also considered a "dish splashing machine" haha... sounds like women were pretty desperate to get so me help in this area, huh? Once into the 1950's is was THE thing to have, and like those women, I say...

for this dishwasher loving fool!

Can I just say I'm so pumped about not eating eggs on a paper plate or seeing dishes pile up only right after the fact I washed a sink full?!

It's something I can definitely live without, but the day to day ease of something so petty will sure make life a lot less messy, not be so time consuming, and so much easier!

So, Friday and Saturday, I cleaned out cabinets and shuffled things around for the fact that we were losing some cabinet space. Sunday, Ryan prepared the way for the energy eating monster, and the kids totally dug the hole.;)

We headed to Home Depot to get our 1950's appliance. lol

Only to find out that they had to order it for us. I guess we thought it was like a T.V.... you pick it out and they reach into their stock and pull it out... not so. :( 
So the hole in our kitchen will be played in a week longer than anticipated. 

We did however make it to the amusement park (a.k.a. The lawn care section) before leaving :)

and daddy got everything else he needed to complete the job in anticipation of THE delivery next week.

Monday, we were up bright and early to head to the dentist. But not before kicking off February with a heart countdown, some red attire, and a new bow! :)

Take a look at what I got when I told Burke to show me his sweet face. haha

Burke was also in a "fix it" Bob the Builder mood. He told me he had to fix our table. 
I'm thinking the dishwasher construction got to him. :) #prouddaddy

My mom met us at the dentist office so she can start being in the know (bless him and his future dental work!) He did so so good! He even went back on his own! Such a brave big boy! 

We then took a nice detour to AirWalk! Which is almost always a stop when we are in Birmingham for a short morning.
I loved playing with the slow-motion effect!

And sister... well... watch out, her dance moves can be quite dangerous! :)

Upon arriving home from more errands...
like Hobby Lobby shopping (errr.... playing peek-a-boo in the mirror) 

We invited ourselves into our friends backyard because we JUST. COULDN'T. GO. INSIDE.
It was beautiful!

And today was a repeat...We are thankful Phil didn't see his shadow today! Come on Spring!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this weather!

Will update on the dishwasher situation next week... since I'll have all this extra time! ha!

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