Monday, January 25, 2016

Everything but the kitchen sink...

I feel like I have to do this in order to catch up ...


 Last Tuesday we went to Stix to celebrate my mom's birthday!

This girl loved it (actually- she loved saying "hi" 283,937 times to the 15 other people across from us. :)

Tasting Sprite :)

And Burke was in complete awe of the "magic man"... in fact he had invited his K-3 teacher to dinner with us that night... She said his words were "Would you like to come with us to the place where they throw food in the air?" :) 

Besides some outings... The majority of the week was spent indoor because... COLD!

I've started a strange fixation on making bows... It's quite fun, and I've been having a ball making  some to match outfits I've bought for babies due in a few months! 

My head model. ;)

But in moments of warmth, outside is where we choose to be!

Tuesday, our small group started a new study on Nehemiah by Kelly Minter, and it's WONDERFUL. 
We've only gone into the first two chapters of the book thus far, but I've already learned so much about the character of Nehemiah and his story... I long to have a heart like his!

(Sweet girl eating some snacks while I get my study on.)

That afternoon, I decided it was time to end procrastination and schedule my first Praxis test to get that Alabama teaching degree back in place (ugh... long story)...

And in the time that it took me to register...

I find Hylan chewing on game pieces that had been left out, 

 and Burke helping himself to a snack...

and then one of Hylan's diapers...

I quickly became concerned that I will never indeed study. lol

Wednesday, these kids hung out because of an impromptu play date... which always end up being so fun!
(Look at JP's cute cheese face!)

Ryan got some friend time too. :)

Burke had his ears lowered at our favorite place downtown-Eddie's Style Shop delivers. :)

Friday, was fun... as all Friday's should be!

We started out with coffee with friends. :)

Then, I got to see some of my awesome college friends while judging majorette tryouts, while Shireen watched the kids and brought Hudson to play,

ANNND brought dinner!
So thoughtful!
It was snowing pretty hard, but the roads were fine to travel back home. I only wished I had seen their faces when the snow started coming down! ha!

Saturday morning we celebrated Morris at his precious 3rd birthday party!
Kate is amazing! Look how cute!

Glad this one is at The Barton House! hahaha!

The kids had the best time.

And got a kick out of Hobbs running away when we were trying to snap the picture. hahaha


The rest of the day was spent inside because it was COLD!
So things like sock snowball fights ensued.

and taking in this crazy funny girl.

While the men folk....

Yeah, it's huge!

Then Sunday was church, where we got to hear a wonderful message, amazing music (some of our children sang which is always a special treat), and where daddy snapped this winner... 

Then Burke got to go with Ryan that afternoon...

didn't last long. :)

And today...Monday.

Hylan started a new tongue thing.
Seriously... longest tongue ever!

We headed to Birmingham for Burke's dentist appointment.
This would be after our conversation the previous night...
Me- Let's brush your teeth... 
Burke- I don't wanna brush my teeth! I want my teeth to fall out!
Me- What? Why?!
Burke- If my teeth fall out the tooth fairy will come visit me!
Me and Ryan- (rolling) That's not quite how it works son. 

Hylan was smitten with all the girl company. :)

So proud of this boy! He has done so well at the dentist and looks forward to his visits! He even asked to go back by himself today... what?! 
Why is he getting so big?

 Dr. Curtis and his staff are amazing!
Unfortunately we have to go back next week for two small cavities. :( I hope he does well and continues to look forward to "the slide" (his chair) and his prize. :)

We headed to Chickfila afterwards... because... what's a trip to Birmingham if you don't go to play???

Later, Burke requested to go see Hobbs.
So a short wagon ride over, and he proceeded to sit and wait on him to get home. 

But really... every time I tried to pull him away, he started crying! 
I thought it was pretty sweet, so we waited on them to get home. 

And then daddy was replaced with a poop emoji pillow at dinner.
We decided, whomever isn't at the table when dinner is served gets this award. haha

That's a mini recap of a few random happenings lately... sorry for the randomness, but
maybe now I will feel a bit caught up on the blog!

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