Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catching up

Cade's birthday celebration was last weekend!

Spend the night party at the lake is Burke's favorite.


I rewatched this and couldn't help but fast forward 13 years and see this happening... but in a REAL scary way...  please don't grow up! (Don't worry... a convertible is NOT on the "allowed to have for a first car list." ;)

Things got fun with the Plasma cars. :)

We hiked "the beach"

And upon our return home, this boy got an early birthday package!

Aunt Sharron hit a home run with this boy.
He played with them ALL day long.
This may be a new go to gift for our friends having birthdays in the near future!

 Sister digs the wagon ridin'

Daddy put in our dishwasher!
Little miss helped :)

Our chaotic kitchen scene.... feels so familiar... 

But OH... it was so worth it.
I may or may not have run the dishwasher with just these dishes in it. lol

We met up with Laura and Hobbs again for dinner on Tuesday. Hobbs is hilarious!

Wednesday night we got ready and headed to our Ash Wednesday service.
(What was I thinking with the squeakier shoes?!... Yes,... we exited the service early)

Look at this cuteness though?!

Mom, really???

Burke was so sweet at the service... trying to singalong.

Midway though the message we exited, took off the shoes, and she showed off a bit of her walking skills while we listened to the sermon via sound system. :)

And I came across this on instagram, and it hit home... 

Except, mine would be when they wanted a "cutter" as Burke calls it...
I started using cookie cutters (favorites are the heart, Mickey Mouse, cars, the list could go on forever), but I ruined him! lol

This girl didn't let any lunch go to waste last week. :) Especially dessert. 

And I had to post this... Hylan started it... and then it totally got out of hand, and each basically had a spit shower- but they're related, so it's okay, right? (Ummmm no...)

Hilarious fall at the end, right? lol

And more...

Her total interest in something outside at the end cracks me up. Every. Single. Time. 
 And that giggle... i die!

We also had some warm moments through the week... and hit the park.
This girl loves the slide, and Burke loved "catching her."

Jack came to play too!

Now that I've unloaded my pictures onto the blog... Valentine's Post up next!

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