Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's 2016

At our house, Valentine's Day started almost as soon as I could get Hylan's first birthday celebration cleaned up. :)

(pinterest inspired, and a great reminder when we walk in the door!)

What can I say? I love a holiday.

At one point, I was on top of my Valentine's Day game... Valentine jammies were bought and being worn well before they should have been, the mantle was decorated, and cute class party valentine ideas were pinned.


Insert bought boxed Valentine cards for the win. There's always next year, right?
He was totally into writing his name on the cards... which lasted for all of one card. ;)

We attached some doggie treats with a STAPLE.

A STAPLE people.
I obviously was out for the count. 

But wait... it gets better.

Want a cute and unhealthy breakfast?
Poptart meets heart cookie cutter. BOOM.

Betcha won't find that on Pinterest. :)

These two didn't seem to hurt... especially when they get Valentine's from their grandparents! Burke loves mail!

So much he insisted on taking it to the park. haha

 Friday was class party day.
I bought all the stuff to make cupcakes and decorate...

 One glance through the Walmart bakery, and I spotted these (minus the candy).

I think I could have made them for about 3$ cheaper. THREE DOLLARS.


I just added the conversation hearts and patted myself on the back. Best part, Burke thought I made them when he woke that morning... yes, yes I did son.

We got his teacher's gift ready for delivery...
(yes, that mat comes in handy for small gifts year around!)

And heart pancakes (with sprinkles of course) were on the menu.

Later that morning, Hylan and I visited Burke's class to celebrate.

When we came home, we dug into his bag of Valentines from his treacher and sweet classmates.

Shirt was from Walmart!

When sister went down for a nap, Burke crafted daddy's Valentine.

This had a special meaning behind it. 
All during soccer the kids called each other a pizza. Like... "You're a pizza" and would die laughing. This eventually turned into a game with Ryan and Burke. :) 

We finished up the day with pizza Friday and the movie Inside Out. Such as sad, yet sweet movie! It was so good Burke wanted to rewatch it on Saturday morning... which he did because we had no where to be! It was nice and relaxing for sure!

The boys went to the farm to help out PaPa and Hylan napped. After lunch we headed to Auburn for a basketball game! Ree and PaPa so graciously gave us tickets for the game at 5 that evening!

Basketball games are so nice and easy... Thanks to Ree and PaPa's nice seats, you get fed, you don't have to dress in layers, and it's just so much fun! (Even when you lose; )

Burke and Ryan have been a few times, and apparently the blow-ups before the game are a must when coming with a three year old.

Getting close!!!

Insisting that he color!

I can't even at her "cheeeeese" face in all cookie goo glory!

On our way back to our seats the baseball team was signing autographs.
Burke told them each War Eagle and even got a few fist bumps. ;0)

These two had a great time!


The many faces of Burke...

Don't you just love his shirt???
I'm not sure where Ree found it, but we may have to buy it every year he moves up a size. I love it so!

Sister was pretty good through the whole game... and if she became angry... just give the girl some hand eye coordination tasks and she is good.
Possibly spent 45 minutes on taking this lid on and off this pouch. lol


She doesn't meet a stranger. :)

So... in-between the picture above, and below is about a span of four hours that went undocumented... for good reason.

Hylan got sick.

I'm not sure if it was something she ate or what, but vomit... terrible smelling, pull over the car, vomit. :(

Poor thing!

Thankfully, we were really close to the lake and were able to make a pit stop at Ree and PaPa's. 
After she had a bath and the carseat was as clean as it would get for the ride home, we headed back, put kids to bed, and I got my clean sanitizing self as high as the dial would go.

After that, a late Walmart run... because Valentine's Day balloons are mandatory at this house.

After Valentines were out, 

even the cheesy ones, ;)

I hit the hay around 12.

Only to wake up around 3am with Hylan... sick again. :(

Round two of laundry, baths, and tending to baby girl.

She slept (on and off) with me for the remainder of the night... with no more sickness! Thank the Lord!

We woke up to a little boy who was overly ready to check out his Valentine!

Sister... was not fully awake yet...

She carries on the trait for a serious bottom lip. 

After some consoling, she became more pleasant. :)

Up for breakfast- Heart shaped cinnamon rolls with sprinkles.

Then I went back on forth about taking Hylan to church... because I was afraid she might not be over whatever that was last night... and she would be really tired and cranky.

I'm glad we went because she was fine and slept through the whole service.

And these sweet kids sung We are the Church. 
I love to hear these sweet voice sing praises!

Not to mention we LOVE our children and music ministers!

When we got home, I had to take a few pics of these cutie pies!

The next ones... I just had to post, because look at all the crazy faces of my biggest ham. lol

Hylan was D.O.N.E.

I just adore her birthday dress... which also was perfect for today!

And this bow! I bought it from Two Belles Boutiques... Ryan laughed because of how much I spent on it... It's actually what sent me over the edge to start making my own. Ha!

Hylan begging to PLEASE be done with the picture taking. lol

ok... hint received. 

After lunch, naps (and yes I got a GREAT one too!)

We spent the majority of the day outside when possible.
I'm so ready for spring and summer when it doesn't take 20 minutes to find all the clothes needed to walk out the door!

Mom... we are putting the warm attire you bought HM to good use! 
Like... we have all of it on at the same time. :)

As for outside... Ryan did some MAJOR Crepe Myrtle murdering trimming, as well as taking out a bush that had overstepped it's boundaries by a long shot.

Only... this happened.

Would you like to know why?

We were cutting down his "pee pee bush." lol

Thats right Burke. We let you pee pee behind this bush since you have started potty training... which was right when we moved in this house. Apparently you had a major attachment. (And yes... it was in the front yard... and yes,... I'm sure our neighbors wondered why you would run outside the house behind this bush randomly... well, now you know neighbors.)

What got you through this traumatic experience?
The promise of finding a new and better "pee pee bush" tomorrow. :)

That's a wrap for our Valentine's weekend! 
Hope you all had a special one with those you love as well!

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