Thursday, February 18, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This week has thrown its curve balls. Just today I read that one of my childhood neighbors growing up, found out she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. Please add Renee to your prayer lists and your small group prayer groups, and your churches prayer concerns.... she has a tough fight ahead of her, but praises Him even through the toughest of times.
 Other friends have serious things going in their life or in those that they love too... I am so glad we have a God who is never changing, always there, and waiting on us to release all power to Him. What would we do if we didn't have His eternal promises and love?! This life, although SO wonderful, is often hard, sad, and is fleeting. It's full of uncertainties, good things, bad things, pains, and joys... God's son knew this all too well...
I'm in awe that this life is not the end, and that GOOD and PEACE will conquer one day.
THAT is the best Friday Favorite EVER.

On to material, things that really don't matter, except that they bring joy to my heart! :)

SugarBean Scout is up and running! This bow was my favorite of the week.

Hylan Marie wore it well!

It's big, light, and fluffy... what more can you ask for?!
Well... and it goes with EVERYTHING in a girls' wardrobe!
Click here to order! There will also be another way to buy these soon... more details later!

A favorite moment this week was when this was our dinner scene. lol

That's right, Ryan decided to "culture us" and turn on State Fair. It was a crowd pleaser. :)

My FAVORITE place we went this week was McWane with Laura and Hobbs.

This boy will be a big brother in another month! So we are trying to fit all the only child festivities in quick! :)

Teamwork at it's finest! ;0)

They were so cute... trying everything out in Itty Bitty Magic City.

Even sister was amazed.

Mommy FAVORITE moments. ;)
(And we had Starbuck's in hand... #winnng)

And of course, park moments were had with some of our FAVORITES.

Burke also has had some epic moments this week... first the Pee Pee bush, but some others as well... just today we were walking back from the park and he says, "Mom! Stop! Look!!! Is that a lollipop for me?"

(Look to the right by the mailbox. ;)

I then go on to explain that people don't put out candy by their mailbox, and if they do we should never take it... which lead to a million "why" questions. 
Then a detailed explanation of what that "lollipop" actually was and WHY didn't we have one by our mailbox????!!!

The other FAVORITE moment this week consisted of Burke and I playing hide and seek....
Burke- "Count momma."
Me- "Ok"... I count, he runs to hide. I open my eyes after counting to 10 and I see him standing up where I can see him still.
Burke- "Ugh! Mom! You didn't count!"
Me- "Yes... yes, I counted to ten."
Burke- "You have to count longer than that! Count to eleven!"


Gotta love it!

And I'll leave you with a FAVORITE recipe I made this week from Mix and Match Momma!
So good! I served along side rice and the kids gobbled it right up!

Have a great weekend!

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