Saturday, February 27, 2016

And she let go...

Yup... it was bound to happen...

At 13.5 months Hylan Marie officially was a walker! Her walking progression was so different than Burke's. For Burke, he was never interested in walking... at.all. Then one day, it just looked as if he decided it was time for him to be on his feet, and then he never looked back (he was almost 15 months mind you!). :) Now, he did take his first steps to PaPa while at the lake... but then resorted back to crawling for awhile. Then one day it just happened... and while I was videoing! (That link is not the exact one I'm speaking of... but a few days after he figured it out... NOTE TO SELF- Got to find the first!)

Hylan Marie has been taking steps since about a week before her first birthday! She just has gotten better over time, and just now walking completely on her own, without assistance. She eased into the idea... :)

Here are some of my favorite videos of this recent accomplishment. ;)

The save (bad news... it happens anyway ;) Shocker, I know. 

And who doesn't love to run from your reflection???

She can GO for sure now... and Burke is loving the fact that she can run after him in the house. :)

However, we weren't able to put her new found skill to work beyond the house, because it's either been COLD or wet! We did get out in the rain for fun one day though... on a mission to find muddy puddles!

 My sweet friend Allison sent us her little boy's rain coat for Burke to enjoy. He LOVES it!

But bless Hylan Marie... She needs some rain boots and a rain coat that fits. lol Maybe next year baby girl! :)

We started gearing up for St. Patty's Day around the house...

Which translated well into the bow making. :)

We did a rainbow experiment (from Momfessionals) and Burke was totally into it. 
I have been slacking in the fun (and slightly educational activities :)) lately, and this reminded me why I need to do them! I just feel like we haven't stopped the business from December. I think it's all the birthday festivities this time of year.

And maybe because of more bow making... (exciting news in this arena coming soon!)

We traveled to Birmingham this week so Burke could stay with Nanna and PawPaw for a day or so.
I thought this was the sweetest picture. He does love to read Bible stories, which warms my heart!

We made a dinner stop at non other than CFA, and big girl got her own kids meal! (SHE EATS Y'ALL. Like... she's gained a 1.5 since she's turned one!

And while brother is having fun away from us, we played dress up. 
I can not get enough of this ballerina bathing suit!

Practicing her plea. :)

We ended tonight with Fuller House. She totally dug the theme song too. :)

And last but not least... I leave you with Burke ramblings in the wee hours of the morning this week.

Cheese It's and a PopTart it is. :) #don'tjudge

 I can NOT believe we are fixing to celebrate his 4th birthday!

 This party will not be Pinterest worthy material, but I think Burke will have a blast. I'm on craft mode, but I've let him pick out all the main details,... as you will see evidence of in the post birthday post. :) 

It should be fun, and I look forward to this weekend!

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