Thursday, March 3, 2016



Yesterday you turned four years old.

We completely spoiled you rotten.... but, lets start with the pre birthday celebration.

We went to Walmart to pick out flowers, but you found something more fun to play with while sister and I made the floral decisions.

During Hylan Marie's nap, you and I planted. You are such a good little helper.... except you really really wanted to plant the whole thing- plastic containers included. :)

We made Mickey Mouse cupcakes- per your request (one more reason your birthday party is a mix of everything ... which we will get to soon!), to bring to school on Tuesday to share with friends.

You may think... oh, how special! Momma put a little flag in mine... just for me. 
Wrong son.
The reason there is a flag in yours is because you choose to sneak that particular cupcake off the counter while it was cooling (pre decorations). I came back into the kitchen as you were chunking it into the trash can!
You told me it was not good and you wanted to throw it away. (Meaning... it had NONE of the good stuff on it.... the only part you eat of a cupcake- the icing. :)
Since we needed exactly 12 cupcakes for your classroom, I had to pick this one out of the trash and label it yours. haha.

Thank goodness for Pineterest! 
I just baked the cupcakes, iced and rolled them in red sprinkles. I brought big and mini oreos for the Mickey Mouse ears and had yellow jelly beans on hand. I thought they were so cute!

You did too, and brought out your goofy Pluto hat to coordinate for silly hat day at school. (You get really mad when I call it your Goofy hat... sorry... they are both yellow dogs... I get them confused in my old age. :)

After bringing you to school, sister and I did our civic duty, and voted!

We headed to the park before it got dark and to take in the nice weather before going to pick up pizza... your pre birthday ritual, because your daddy and I had pizza the night before you were born. #ilovetraditions

Giovanni's gave us some cheesy bread on the house. 

And then you woke up a four year old. *tear

Of course the genius toy makers knew to release the first Air Patroller the week of your birthday. :)
You are a Paw Patrol loving fool...

I think Daddy woke you up a hair before 6am just so he could see your face when you opened it.... I don't blame him. :)

I made blueberry muffins and stuck four candles in...
would you like to know what you wished for?

A doughnut. 

So we headed to Birmingham on a mission, because who am I to deny a birthday wish?!
You brought the crew along and were insistent that they be in the picture. :)

On our way we stopped by Hobby Lobby (mainly so I could run in to get a few bow making supplies), but also because you have been attached to this one particular stuffed animal EVERY time we stop in Hobby Lobby. My answer is always "no" because you have 2,484 stuffed animals and I believe they are taking over your bed,  but today I let you go straight to it and called it yours. 

It made both our hearts happy.

We then made our way to Krispy Kreme, and you knew EXACTLY which doughnut you wanted.

You ate it. The whole thing, without stopping. :)
I warned you to stop if you started feeling sick, but you said you were fine and wanted it ALL. 

The last bite.

Next stop... Let's Play!

And yes, turtle made it in (without paying admission.) I told you you had to keep up with him if you brought him in, and you did! (To my surprise.) He went down every slide and climbed every step with you. 

On the way home you both fell asleep and finished the nap in the car while I put things away from the day. It was perfect.

When you woke up we headed to Sonic, because that's what you had been requesting all week for your birthday dinner... and you wanted to sit in the front, like old times. :) So that's what we did.
(Yes, my car needs cleaning now.)

Then it was home for some down time and preparing to get you to choir practice. 
We bundled up and walked with neighbors to church.

You came home, bathed, and we reminisced about the day you were born. We went through your birthday photo album, and told you how much you have blessed our lives since you've been here.... 

From three to four we seen you change, grow, and learn so many new things. You've learned how to write your name, lyrics to so many songs, you are the best protective brother (minus the times when you catapult her in her baby stroller), and I've seen you make friends with just about any one you come in contact with. You love bible stories- your favorites include "the one with the apple" and "throwing rocks at the giant" and you LOVE children's church and choir.

You like to color, but disregard any lines, love all things musical, and you are always singing or humming a tune around the house if you're not playing make believe or using your imagination. You still love Curious George, but he now shares the tube with Paw Patrol, Octonauts, or Mickey Mouse. Movies are now becoming an interest to you. You've seen Star Wars (that's all dad) and Inside Out recently. 

We couldn't have dreamed you up, child. You are the perfect mix of sweet, kind, and loving...

and funny, outgoing, and stinker rolled into one human being.

I love every part of you.

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet boy.

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