Thursday, March 10, 2011

The pasta boat?

Being unable to boil water has left us very limited in the "what to fix for dinner" department. I have found that cooking is pretty much out of the question. I have tried using the crock pot, but even that is annoying b/c of any prep before hand. The one or two times I have used it resulted in an almost inedible dining experience... so the solution to this (besides going out to eat) has been steam in the bag veggies and just buying the main dish (rotisserie chicken, BBQ, etc.) to serve along with it. Until now...

Meet the pasta boat!
I went to Bed Bath, and Beyond searching for something that would cook noodles in the microwave, and this is what I found! I was sceptical at first.
1) It's hideous... plastic, red, and something I would never want to be seen in my (hopefully open) kitchen shelving that I'm dreaming of.
2) It was only $9.99, (and of course I got an additional 20% off with my BB&B coupon that comes in the mail!) which left me wondering how good of a job could this plastic container really do?
3) Did I mention it's called the Pasta Boat?... enough said.

But to my surprise... it works fabulously!

It even steams veggies! So I steamed some mushrooms and zucchini, mixed in the sauce and served alongside a salad. Hands down, the best meal I have made since we have moved in. Sad huh? Man... I just wish our kitchen didn't look like this. lol

I have a feeling the pasta boat will have a few more days on our kitchen table. :)

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