Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our bathroom

Our bathroom was the starting place of our demo. So rightfully so it should be the first room finished!... Well... not quite finished, but lets just say that I go sit in this room when I'm feeling discouraged.
To check out how far this room has come, click here!
Without further ado... may I present ... our bathroom!

To see a step-by-step on the construction of the vanity click here.

I got the idea of raising the shower curtain from young house love. It makes the bathroom feel so much bigger! To see their bathroom remodel, click here.

Now, on the "to-do" list for this room... 1) put up blinds/window treatments... I'm sure our neighbors would appreciate this! 2) Mirror

3) Light fixture 4) Add some color! :)

 I have to say... I like the blank slate this bathroom offers... we can always change things up with new towels, flowers, rugs, etc. since it is white!

Kudos to my sweet husband for his building skills... can you believe it once looked like this? 


  1. I looked at the picture of the "magazine" bathroom. That is really neat! Your bathroom looks great! You ought to go to Hobby Lobby and find a pretty mirror. That have some really pretty ones. Great job you two!
    I hope you can get the kitchen done soon. Us women need our kitchens. It's kind of like the men and their workshops! Ha.

  2. YA know...thats one place I haven't checked! I keep checking at homegoods, target, bed bath and beyond, and some other home furnishing stores, but not is now on my to do list!